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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Aoi Hana

It is THE CUTE. And it was cute because Jennie and I were watching it and of course we both started giggling hysterically when we say the boyish girl with the dark hair and the boyish girl with the blonde hair were like flirting with each other and then I was like "THAT IS SO ADORABLE!"

We have also decided that "Maria-sama watches you.. even if you are in a different series.

It's a really touching little gem of a series, very breezy and full of cute awkward moments and touching moments that just make you go awww. but I think that after this series, we concentrate on MOE GIRLS WITH PLANE ATTACHMENTS.. yes, strike witches.. I AM LOOKING AT YOU!.

After a plentitude of cock, sometimes it's really nice to see a waffy girl/girl show Yes Jade and Peony.. I am also looking at you

Expect icons!

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(Deleted comment)
Maria-sama ga Miteru is really very lovely. Slow paced and just sweet. I mean I am not too fond of the two main characters (well I like them but I don't really adore them) but the story and the majority of the characters really are very compelling.

I love Marmite! It's so good, and you know what a Yurifangirl I am. I just love the way it's a little bit more realistic when it comes to portraying forbidden love between young girls.

It's such a cute series.

Yeah, it's a good series. A good recommendation I think, it was like the new breed of yuri fans.. there was Utena which seemed to affect most people circa 2000, so really every couple of years a new yuri series comes out that sort of casts it's coin onto the new breed.

If you like Marimite, you should try out souer_system, you'd like it, really.

We have also decided that "Maria-sama watches you.. even if you are in a different series.
~Haha, that's kind of funny! I do want to watch Aoi Hana sometime. It looks cute! :D

It's good! I'm a sucker for girl/girl romance though.. >.> Like majorly!

I've watched a bit of Aoi Hana and I love it. I need to finish it~

Yeah, luckily it's not that long, which is a relief. Most series drag on and on so I'm a big fan of series like Aoi Hana (so many icons to make too..)

I've... never heard of Aoi Hana, to tell you the truth. But you make me want to learn about it. XD

It's uberly cute, I think you'd like it. It's slow paced like Maria-sama ga Miteru, and the characters so far are very engaging, as well as what they are going through.

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