Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I never expected that I'd get to use this icon 'this soon'. No really.

There was a real loser moment at work. I've already told the story to Shuu.. but at any rate, I think that everyone has heard about my 'wanting more hours' kick. (And if I don't get them, I'm going to apply for a transfer to the the walmart in Pikeville and I'm going to be as pesky as I want in order to achieve this.

But at any rate, I was working pharmacy last night. And then I get called to the AD Office, which is where everyone goes when they 'get in trouble' so to speak. Well I went to the ad office where Mark was there with a sheet of paper. I approached and looked at it, it had my schedule and then above it was written in Mark's scrawl 'associate is working regularly scheduled shift'.

Then I just glance over at Assistant Manager Mark and go "Do you want me to sign this?" because I'm not sure what the hell he wants from me but I'm thinking that usually when people go to the add office, they sign paperwork which equates to 'coaching'.

"No.. I just wanted you to know that you've been working your schedule."

Well... D'uh.

Instead I was like, "Why thank you Mark, see I didn't know.. so you've lifted a great big burden off my shoulders, I was actually under the impression that I'd been working Martine's schedule." and then I walked out. Needless to say Co-Manager Miranda was probably having an aneurism due from laughing so hard. But I didn't care, it was a bit hilarious. But dragging me to the back office just to tell me that I had been working when I had been supposed to = RIDICULOUS. That was 10 minutes of wasted time that I will never get back.. I DEMAND RECOMPENSATION!
Tags: tales of the nightwalker, you're doinz it wrong

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