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I was perusing pixiv for -really- cute Kobato/Fujimoto pictures, however I came across something strange. It was a picture of Fai holding a Ginsei plushie, and then Kurogane holding Ioriyogi,

My friends, we have buttsecks of the disturbingly plushie/furry kind. No really, why?

Well I recognized the voice actor for Ginsei. I knew it was Fai. Just because Daisuke Namikawa has a very distinctive voice. But Ioriyogi. Yeah, Kurogane's voice actor all the way and I did do my research. So my whole thoughts on the matter is.... I SHIP IT!

Ioriyogi/Ginsei for the win.. because plushies need love too. (plushies don't stick it in, but it's the ROMANCE of the concept, people.. sheesh).

Alright, we return you to your regularly scheduled program of Kobato, stalking her FUTURE!HUSBAND (but he doesn't know it yet)
Tags: fun and games until someone loses an eye, i ship it!, vomitting rainbows

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