Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Yesterday I didn't get that much sleep. So I'm all bleary and drowsy but I couldn't stop before I formatted isoylent. So now I'm officially accepting affiliates and such. You can add it now but you might want to wait a few hours for the whole 68 series catagorization posts to settle (did I mention I'm an organization freak when it comes to my journal.. it may not look as nice as some, but I keep my files and stuff immaculate). But there's a glow of happiness that is surrounding me, and hence my major thing that I wanted to do this weekened got done. (though I also got to watch Tales of the Abyss.)

Tomorrow I will have an actual icon post, but right now I just need a bit of rest. (and to finish my Peony post to shuufish's Jade.)

But honestly, I REALLY WANT AFFILIATES. So if you have an icon journal, just tell me so we can like mutually link each other, okies?


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