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~Here comes the morning light you can't face.. lie on your back staring into space~

Well I have the mashed potatos made and the punkin pie. (Yeah, I spell Pumpkin wierd.. I think it is because my husband calls me punkin.. But who knows) Now I am drinking cherry brandy laced coke and I am definitely feeling the effects, this type of 70 proof drink is going to take some getting used to... I know I have been coming online drunk many times in the past month.. well that is because drinking relaxes me.. especially after hellish days at work, working on computers and taking shit from those in charge. (I.E Sgt Hall.. who is a *cough cough*) I did get drunk often at one point in september because of frequent arguments with the husband.. but I am better now.. we are better now.

It is Thanksgiving.. soon Yule, so I busted out all my Christmas Anthology Regencies. I read one story about these mouse that had to save a parish from poverty and they helped the Vicar win the love of a woman -and- find a golden statue of St. Francis.. and one of the Mice named their children after Merriweather Christian Hymnal Churchmouse.. but for short he was Merry Christmouse.. *snickers* I thought that was funny, I truly giggled out loud in the Sauna.

Well here are the perty pictures of the day.. *ahee's* Some since Jaesyn was very adamant about me showing him females. They are SICs though. *sticks tongue out at Jaesyn*

BTW here are replies to all previous comments.

MIHRAGE: I love Ayame.. white hair and he runs a cosplay shop for men.. yay yaoi!

DELCJ: Oooh thank you! *blushes* You are so kind!

JAESYN: Goober! It -would- matter what house I am in.. even though I have a weakness for English accents.. still.. Slytherin has the older hotties.. *mrowrs*

http://www.din.or.jp/~mell00/e0209.jpg <-- I want that dress!!
http://www.din.or.jp/~mell00/10_8.jpg <--And for all those Bisho lovers
http://www.din.or.jp/~mell00/r0915.jpg <--Japanese fanart of Sleepy Hollow.. Interesting!

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