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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
My love for Peony/Jade has quite possibly hit the roof, smashed through it and is now heading upward toward the stratosphere.

Also shuufish, here is your Natalia icon. (yes I do have an Asch icon to match, trufax!)

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Things like that make me realize that I still have my passion and zeal for anime/video games.



please... send them my way ;_;

When I find any, I shall definitely link them to you (I really need to start hard-core searching)


The icon is beautiful, thank you! I'm tired... should say more about Jade/Peony/rappigs but sleep needs to come first. I need more icon space for this journal.

It's okay, it made me sniffle about the condition of his room, he swears that he doesn't sleep in that room though, that's just for his rappigs.

Of course the rappigs have to sleep in comfort and style, they are, after all, emperial pets. Jade wonders what the emperial concubine gets.

Peony says that the emperial concubine gets to share a bed with his AWESOME EMPEROR! Silk sheets and everything!

Which is much better then sharing the room with rappigs by far.

I really need to draw more of that pairing. :B I think making a new friend inspired me somehow, haha.

Also, your matching icons are pretty ♥

Ahahah if you drew Peony/Jade, I think I would love you forever! It's such a great pairing and I'm only sad that I hadn't gotten into it sooner. But man, I love how crazy Peony is. (Oh the amusement that Jade gets from being in his presence may just very well be monumental!)

I have a couple of old pictures, but I really should draw some more! It's been forever since I did ToA art, aside from the commission I drew for someone a while back (which was Peony and Nephry, for the record).

Peony is such a fun character! ♥ I love his crazy sense of humor and style.

Yes, he is a fun character. One of those characters that I saw a picture and just instantly knew that I liked him. Just because he looks like he's probably not exactly suited to be emperor, but well you just gotta make due with what you've been given. (I liked the part in the anime where Peony punches Jade and tells him to stop being obsessive)

Yeah, that's what I like about him too. Neither his looks or personality really fit with the ideal image of royalty, which is so different from the nobles in Kimlasca. Definitely not something I'm used to seeing in video games/anime, haha.

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