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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


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: Fandom Opinions - Post #1 {Kyou Kara Maou & xxxHolic}
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Disclaimer: My opinions and your opinions may or may not mesh, if not then I ask that you understand where I am coming from. I am not seeking to change your mind or such, and at times my opinions may be brutal and honest, but they are my opinions.. no one but my own.

Kyou Kara Maou

Oh, I have a love/hate relationship with this series. I love the series because there are quite a few wonderful characters and the interactions are perfect, everything from slightly perverted Gunter, to Gwendel with a moe-fetish, there is Yuuri who is sorta adorable, and yes even Wolfraam who I do like (it's because he's tsundere). The main problem I had when I was in the fandom was that I liked Yuuri and Wolfram, just not together. That wasn't a problem for me obviously, it was a problem for 90 percent of the fandom however.

Now anyone who has been in the Kyou Kara Fandom will realize that as a collective whole, the fandom was batshit crazy and insane. That's where my meat of disenchantment comes from. It was because the main community were rabid Yuuri/Wolfram shippers and they insisted that their pairing was 'canon'. No, they didn't keep it to the offshoot pairing community, no they made the main community "Yuuri/Wolfram"-central. I like pairings just like anyone else, but the fans ran a sort of regime that dictated that if you didn't like 'their' pairings, then you would be run out, ridiculed, preached to about the holy gospel of 'yuuram' which stated that that pairing was the holy grail of the KKM fandom.

No thank you. After having one of my favorite characters being called a 'rapist', I washed my hands of that fandom and let them spew their own vomit around. I went into my own little corner and became completely disillusioned with the series which is a shame because I really did like the characters.

ON TO HAPPIER SUBJECTS. I do like the characters. My favorite character is certainly at tie between Gwendal and Conrad. Couldn't choose them, but Gwendal won my heart when I saw him knitting plushies, or that subtle twitch when he saw something overbearingly cute and you just knew that he was going to explode into moe-hearts if he didn't keep a cheek on his emotions. Conrad (the rapist :wry:) was also an excellent character and was perhaps the most bruised of all the characters because no one liked him? Why? Because he was rival to Wolfram. Honestly, if the fangirls didn't consider him a serious threat, I'm sure that they would not of even paid him any mind, but he was because of the fact that he's very close to Yuuri that just set them all off. He's kind, he's gentle and yes he has a dark side, but his characterization is one that he would never hurt Yuuri and I remember he had been incredibly guilty that first time that he had switched sides, and their reunion broke my heart just a little bit. It was so amazing, so sweet and just g'uh.

I like Wolfram, but I like him with Shouri, because Yuuri's brother would most likely tap that. Anyways moving on. It's a great series and worth a watch but it's not a fandom that I would ever go back to. I don't think I ever could get into it quite like I had so long ago.


I like CLAMP, I like CLAMP alot. However like most series, if it's really long, I usually lose interest. Granted I still like the series but I've not read it all the way through, just like I have never read completely through Tsubasa. It's not because it's bad though, never that. Short attention span at work. The fandom for the most part was sane. I mean yes there was the Himawari/Watanuki & Donuts Camp (Donuts is the fan-name for Doumeki/Watanuki.. because Doumeki makes Watanuki 'nuts' so to speak) and while there were a few squabbles, they were never major. I mean to be a hardcore Clamp fan, you have to realize that yes sometimes Clamp does really like a little shounen-ai in their series. And most people in the fandom lived and live.

My real kicking pairings are Donuts yes, but also Clow/Yuuko. Yes, I realize a crossover between two series, but one that's completely canon. shuufish has read it all and she tells me what happen (thank goodness) and she said that Tsubasa/xxxHolic made my OTP for the series a reality, and I was like "YES!".

Sometimes things just happen and then you realize you're just a winner in life, if only for a moment.

I don't have a whole lot to write about xxxHolic though, except that I do like the art. The style is very ornate and beautiful. A darker tone that's reminiscent of RG Veda, but Clamp at that point had been overdue for something a bit more twisted as they had come out of their candypop CCS/WISH/ANGELIC LAYER phase.

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Yeah, Kyou Kara Maou's fandom is crazy. In its main comm here in eljay, you can find some discussions filled with bashes. Not to really insult or what but most of the war's makers are Yuuri x Wolfram fans... so... yeah. I've given up there for now. Though I'm still shipping my OTP - Conrad x Yuuri. :D

And if I may ask, are you watching the anime or reading the novels? Just curious.

sorry for the ramblings XD

Well I watched the anime, haven't started on the ovas though I am sure that one day I will get to it, just need to get the bitter taste out of my mouth first.

Dude man. KKM fandom is so crazy. xD; I still like it but I haven't touched the fandom in... well I guess it's years now. x__x;;;;;Gwaa. But yes, the characters are loooove~<3333

Yes, they are and one of my favorite moments was when Gwendal kissed Gunter, that was precious!

I keep far far away from the fandom. I like Conrad! I also ship Yuuri and Wolfie but not as omg they should have sex. More of. AWWW LOOK HOW CUTE, WOLFIE IS BLUSHING AND THEY ARE BOTH SO CLUELESS. Like puppy love ship?

Jennifer is definitely my favorite character.

See you are different from the regular yuuram shipper, you do not mind Conrad, unfortunately there was a whole lot of people who were like "OHMYGOD CONRAD IS A THREAT TO MY PAIRING SO HE MUST BE BASHED". That thought was rampant (and annoying)

Tsubasa was one series that I picked up and put down again a million times until it was pretty much done. Then I just marathoned it in a few sittings, which made my absorption of the whole story quite enjoyable. xxxHolic is turning out much the same way, since I followed it up until where it pretty much concludes with Tsubasa, and now I've pretty much paused it there for awhile, at least until there's a few more chapters out for it.

I don't really have the patience to follow weekly mangas all that much, especially for Clamp. Clamp's got a very languid, purposeful pace to all their works, so in that single chapter you might get the whole build up of an atmosphere, and then the ending page reveals whatever is going to happen next time, and then you'd have to wait next week until it starts again, completely ruining the build up that Clamp worked to create. At least shounen mangas have endless streams of action to make a single chapter worthwhile.

I love xxxHolic, though. The mixture of Japanese folklore and typical Clamp tastes on fate and destiny is a pleasure.

xxHolic and Tsubasa are real CLAMP goodness, especially the dark theme of xxHolic and the sudden twist of CCS to become Tsubasa are just to adore. I have been a CLAMP fanboy for a long time and their stories and very beautiful and ornate character designs are just very top-notch.

Kyou Kara Maou is okay for me, I guess... I am just scared of the fandom that spew 80% yaoi pairing love all the time but upon the first time I watched the anime on NHK, I said to myself, this is definitely yaoi material.

Well it is definitely a series that caters to fangirls, the first full fledged seriesto do it, there had been other things like Gravitation and such but this was like an epic series. Notice though that they haven't really done it again. I think that's probably with good reason. Grand Inquisition, that was what the majority of fandom was and when people can't be content with letting others enjoy their pairings without some sort of remark, that is when I took deep offense to it.

Well yeah, I agree with you about the whole last remark thing of yours. That's another reason why I stay away from KKM fandom.

Word on the whole KKM thing. I got so sick of the snide bashing in the main community, it was supposed to be about the show in general but always got invaded with pairing wars and character bashing (usually started by the 'other' side) and in the end I had to leave it and stuck to my pairing coms. I just wasn't going to stick around and see a liked character/pairing of mine bashed by a bunch of immature morons who were obviously threatened by it. *Eye roll*

Yeah, remember that Valentine day picture that came out that someone posted, it was of Conrad and Yuuri. And suddenly everyone came out of the woodwork and was like "WHY IS THERE NOT A YUURI AND WOLFIE ONE" and then they started to bitch with a sense of entitlement and was throwing the words 'not canon' around and seriously ruining the fun of the ten percent who felt lucky to even find something that they liked on the main community.

I swear I wanted to hack that community and retitle it "the official Wolfram/Yuuri community"

Exactly! And what the hell anyway, the whole Wolfie/Yuuri thing was what? Because Yuuri had no idea about how relationships worked in that place and accidentally got himself involved with the blond brat? Fffff. I totally remember that Valentine pic, I thought it was cute and loled so hard over those all going OMGWTF!1!1

But seriously, the community was obvious in 90% of it being held by Wolfram/Yuuri shippers and it was disgusting how nasty it got.

I have nothing against Yuuri and Wolfram, it is the fans that made me completely loathe it. In small doses, I would of been able to see it and maybe even tolerate it, but the fans gave me an everloathing hatred for it.

Same here, the rabid fans just put me off the pairing and Wolfram which kinda sucks really, I hate when that happens but it just made me so annoyed that they seemed able to get away with the behaviour half the time.

Maybe one day they'll grow up, who knows?

Oh god I remember that rape comment. D: Probably the same reason why I gave up on the fandom. I also think the poster (or someone else) went even as far as comparing him to Muraki, which made me head desk even more. D:

lol This comment reminds, I should finish the series sometime.

Oh gods.

Yes.. Conrad and Muraki.. clearly BFF.. share raep techniques and everything -_-

Ahahahaha I NEVER touched KKM fandom. I just sat there with my manga and anime and glee'd about it to myself. Yeah, I sought out a few fics, but that's really about it. I'm too much of a rabid ConradxYuurixShouri shipper and I KNOW good and well I'd be torch'd and pitchfork'd for even suggesting a pairing like that. Hell, if you add some Gwendal in there I'd be one happy little pervert. Those are my top four main squeezes in that series, hands down.

Now that you've reminded me, I've got to finish getting through season 3 before I go bad touch the OAVS.


I loved reading your entry! Seriously - it was so well written!!! Thank you so much for amusing me and making me laugh and reminisce about good old KKM XD You took words straight from my fangirl heart!

I really never understood the Yuuram thing and why they seemed so obsessed with seeing it as "canon". Did you watch the 3rd season? Out of curiosity, why was Conrad called a rapist???? He was such a sweet character, the type that would totally melt any heart! But totally agree with your choice of Gwendal - nothing beats the grumpy prince who can't resist plushies XD Aww, now you made me all fuzzy wuzzy about this old fandom... I don't even have a KKM icon anymore.

Haha, I remember the Conrad "rapist" thing. My friends and I tried making our own KKM community just because we were so fed up with the main one. Needless to say we basically dropped the fandom shortly afterward.

Most of my friends were Conrad fans. I don't mind Conrad, but was never particularly interesting to me. Wolfram was my favorite, possibly because I have a weakness for tsunderes.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I was joined to the ConYuu community too, where I could definitely hear the voice of reason. It's a shame that for the longest time they were pigeonholed into it's own niche community.

I never knew that the KKM fandom is so full of craziness like that. Never, ever.

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