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: Gift Iconage and Ramblings :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
First of all I would like to present the following icon to [profile] shuufish.

It seems to me that I have ten million Take That icons and yet I don't think that Shu has a single Tori icon, so I thought I'd remedy that. So there it is, hopefully it's meaningful and it honestly came out REALLY good. You know, I didn't like Tori Amos before Shu, but then I listened to "Sleeps with Butterflies" and then suddenly I just started liking Tori's songs little by little, it is true.. that a Tori song can have no meaning to me one day, but the next day.. it just hits me right where it was supposed to.

I have the next three days off. This week's schedule looks really shitty, however next week looks better and then then week after that is better. It being a corperation really does suck honestly, but at the very least I don't have to worry about the car insurance payment which will make my next paycheck hurt not so much. (not to mention I'm due for a 30 cent payraise within the next couple of months, my anniversary date.)

I have nothing particularly fannish to say, after all I just got off work. Maybe I should post a picture that randomly amuses me!

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O-OH MY GOD. I. Think I just sprayed tea all over my screen. That is hilarious!

Yeah, I thought so.. it was too precious for words. I WANNA GO TO THE DISNEYLAND!

(Deleted comment)
You know, I like certain things about Kingdom Hearts the fandom though is not one of them (though it's really panned off.. fans of it now aren't nearly as bad as fans of it earlier had been)

Thank you for the icon! *goes to upload it now*

Yay! We get to watch more Tales tonight!


Do you want a Jade icon or a Luke icon! Inquiring minds what to know?

I never get tired of seeing those two fanarts.

(Deleted comment)
Ahahah I try sometimes!

I was all set up to say online that Tori is kind of insidious like that. <3 her!

But.. umm LMAO that's hilarious <3 - the disney fantasy. lulz.

LOL @ Goofy/Max. That is too perfect.

HAHA. This just made my day. I'm never going to be able to listen to "One-Winged Angel" properly again.

yes, because it will always be set to the theme of "MICKEY MOUSE CLUB!"

I am showing this to my Kingdom Hearts- and Goofy-loving roommate. She's going to piss herself. >DDD

Friggin' epic LAWLZ.

Mickey Mouse Donald Duck! I've always liked Donald better. Now I know why: he's the good guy!

Ahahahaha, yeah I love Donald too, because he's so tsundere which makes him utterly awesome and full of :hearts:. Though I have a special spot in my heart for Sephiroth, especially after playing Crisis Core and finding out that he uses a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner in his hair PER DAY!

The goofy part killed me. xD;

Yay payraise! Congrats! And I hope your schedule improves. =A=;;;;

The DFX - DISNEYDIA is the bomb! That was just totally amusing!

Donald would have made a better Sephiroth, I think...

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