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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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:Something about Lala:
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

So yes, I tricked a whole lot of people. They thought that they were going to get hot pussy, but instead they got a cat. Well it wasn't a trick, you got hot pussy! I promise. (sorry everyone who's mind is in the GUTTER!). But yes, I love my little raep-kitty quite a bit, she's my little love and it's a joy when she comes up to my desk and forces her personal space invadement on me (because she does that). The thing with Lala is that she loves

For all of you guys who didn't click on the link because you thought you'd get porn... well,

Here's my Cat, Lala Peony Westphal

When I named her, I was reading the manga "Princess" and one of the characters is named Lala. Why I didn't name her after my favorite character in the series "Eshild" was because Lala was on the street and preggos, just like the character Lala was after Skadei pretty much raeped her. So Lala it stayed though her middle name changes on a weekly basis, her middle name has been "Sheryl", "Krauser" and "Zack", gender doesn't matter honestly with her middle name, just as long as it's Lala.. she knows that it is her.

And funny enough, she had childbirth complications when she had her two kittens, so Mommy Nia had to rush her to the vet and shell out 500 dollars for a ceasarian but that was totally worth it, because she's alive and able to glare at me with her raep face. I am pretty much her Skadei, she recognizes. She also recognizes that there is another Lala in this household that she has to be aware of and if there is one thing that Lala is completely jealous of in this household, it's shuufish.

She likes good food (she is a fiend for pork products and while normally she's very good about not getting on the table, at Christmas when we had the ham, she got on the table and was trying to eat it off the bone.) She also likes comfortable places to sleep, she doesn't sleep on my bed usually because she gets dislodged by my tossing and turning (and when she's laying down, she doesn't like to move) but she does sleep somewhere close by so she can be there the moment my eyes open, and she knows.. oh yes she knows.

She sleeps on the vents and saps ALL of the heat from one room into her butt and she sleeps underneath the changing table becaause it's warm and it has tons of baby diapers there to sleep on. And if you move her, there is the wrath of her kitty gaze.

Lala is the alpha kitty. In fact when Jennie took Prim with her to her mom's house (back in the summer when I was still in Michigan) I kept Lala with me, then when I came down, the house hadn't closed yet and so I dropped her off at Mom's house, and while Prim had been uncontrollable to a point, the moment that Lala stepped foot in that house, she managed to get things under control. But she is a dominating force, I don't know.. there's something about Lala that commands respect, perhaps it is because she has alot of street smarts. But she rarely hisses or raises her voice, she doesn't even hit people.. it's that stare that's all powerful and commanding.

That's Lala in a nutshell. My pretty lil raep-kitty!


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Her face in the picture ... is awesome ♥

You said hot pussy I want Hot pussy!
so hot it chaffs!




(Deleted comment)
Yeah, that's a constant... she rarely looks happy or even glad. I think it's just her markings that does it but she also has this glare. She has a scorpio somewhere in her birth chart. >.>

She is so not amused rofl.

The thing with Lala is that she loves

I don't know why that made me laugh so much. She raeps because she loves. :D

She is very cute! :3

I think that was an error, or something. I probably went zoom with the whole thing. Sad day, sad day. -_-



Oh, Lala! She's memorizing your face for later. :O

::chuckles:: I thought it was pretty honest myself, Nia. After all, sitting on a heating pad in a basket will make any pussy hot. ::giggles:: As for my mind being in the gutter, well, considering that it normally resides several levels below the gutter, gutter level means my mind is coming UP in the world. ::cackles::

LOLZ ahahhahahha. okay i'm done...sorry that was great..hot pussy.

Your cat is beautiful.

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