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Browsing fanart sites, I find myself observing a trend that I don't particularly care for. It's a trend that is actually fairly common with ANY pairing that involves cock and ass (excuse my language for being blunt, but really I don't believe in mincing words). It is the fact that in pairing A - *read heterosexual pairing. The male is drawn as an actual male, you know, has the angles and hard planes, you can actually count their sixpacks, all of that. But let's say in pairing B -*read homosexual, that SAME male has been reduced to girl without boobs, I mean complete with long lashes that flutter and moe blushes and stammers.

And I realize, I JUST GOT HET IN MY BUTTSECKS, what?

I know there are girls who enjoy the whole 'men who look like girls' thing, but unfortunately that person is not me. In my mind, girls are girls and boys are boys. You can be a pretty boy yes (like Chihaya and Tieria) but please minus the WIDE EYES.

I have absolutely no problem finding art of Guy drawn as a guy, however Luke is another story entirely. (also Peony and Jade are thankfully drawn as guys. :sigh of relief:) It's going to be hard trying to find art of the two of them that doesn't make me want to throw up. We'll see how that goes!

Edit: Lelouch doesn't count though, I'm actually amused when he is drawn as a girl... but perhaps that's just satire on the whole series. Oh wait everyone in Code Gayass is naturally drawn like a girl.
Tags: anime where the men are really girls, code gayass
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