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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Browsing fanart sites, I find myself observing a trend that I don't particularly care for. It's a trend that is actually fairly common with ANY pairing that involves cock and ass (excuse my language for being blunt, but really I don't believe in mincing words). It is the fact that in pairing A - *read heterosexual pairing. The male is drawn as an actual male, you know, has the angles and hard planes, you can actually count their sixpacks, all of that. But let's say in pairing B -*read homosexual, that SAME male has been reduced to girl without boobs, I mean complete with long lashes that flutter and moe blushes and stammers.

And I realize, I JUST GOT HET IN MY BUTTSECKS, what?

I know there are girls who enjoy the whole 'men who look like girls' thing, but unfortunately that person is not me. In my mind, girls are girls and boys are boys. You can be a pretty boy yes (like Chihaya and Tieria) but please minus the WIDE EYES.

I have absolutely no problem finding art of Guy drawn as a guy, however Luke is another story entirely. (also Peony and Jade are thankfully drawn as guys. :sigh of relief:) It's going to be hard trying to find art of the two of them that doesn't make me want to throw up. We'll see how that goes!

Edit: Lelouch doesn't count though, I'm actually amused when he is drawn as a girl... but perhaps that's just satire on the whole series. Oh wait everyone in Code Gayass is naturally drawn like a girl.

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I didn't mind the more... feminine men in my yaoi a few years ago but now I find myself being very turned off when I see fanart or manga and the 'uke' of the pairing is very girly. Half the time he might as well be a flatless chick with a dick.

My tastes have changed I guess, not sure why though, I guess my more favourite artists draw the more masculine men/bodies. That and the fact that over the years I've gone from liking the more cutesy guys to the beefier ones. O_o;

But yeah, if I wanted long lashed stuttering blushes in my art, I'd look at some het.

Oh I agree, there was a point in my life where I found that attractive, not so anymore.. I really like guys wiht the hard planes and angles. (one of the reason why Youko Nitta is one of my favorite manga artists, because her men are always really just.. well they have a deep abiding masculinity which makes me squee.. though I also like the mangaka who did Crimson Spell)

Same here, I'm starting to like a bit more buffness. I do like some of the pretty of femme guys sometimes but they need a personality to back it up. If they're hardcore!awesome but still pretty then it's okay, but if they're acting like quivering ukes then it totally turns me off reading.

Yeah, agreed. Prettiness is NOT a personality trait honestly, and yet it's treated as such.

I agree, and it's so damn frustrating. Or worse, I find manga/doujinshi/etc that has an awesome looking cover, view it, and then suddenly the bad asses on the front look different and the uke is no longer awesome but whimpery and girly and yet it's done by the same artist as the cover. It's like, wait? What?

Oh god that edit, my brain is BLOWN.

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It's like, the cover art the uke will look pretty awesome (maybe a spy or a warrior or something else awesome and fierce) and yet when you start reading, the uke has suddenly lost all testosterone and is acting girly and emo. WTF.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, half the net -is- fourteen. I am sure that the manly men probably scare the fourteen year olds.

Lol, I'm with you on that. I've seen a lot of really girly Jade's out there, who probably look more girly than I do >_O.

Jade needs to like impregnante me or something, I don't know.. that was just totally random.

Ooookay, hold your rappigs there, Peony. Don't get too excited about the Jade Curtiss baby rabies that seems to be spreading around our friends lists. **shifty eyes**

As a fellow Peony, I may or may not want Jade's babies, too. **shiftier eyes**

WE CAN HAVE A DUEL TO THE DEATH! AHA! (oh yes, that fight shall be EPIC, EPIC I SAY)

Meep, sorry not so talkative, I am relaxing after a full week of work. *hmmms* It's so nice to have days off.

I've always been annoyed by this as well. It's the same to me as making male characters act like nagging, weepy little girls in fanfiction simply because they're paired with another man.

Just because you are in love with a guy doesn't have to change your appearance or such. I think though that alot of girls tend to superinpose themselves on male character A. in a fandom just because it's easier for them to feminize them.

I happen to not be a fan of super-manly men, but it annoys me to see slash pairings in which the "uke" is written as a girl with a penis. If the guy is pretty in-canon, fine, but he doesn't have to act like a whiny bitch just because he has long hair.

FE fandom is especially bad about this. :P However, as a whole it skews younger. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Well I happen to like really elegant and refined art, where you can tell that they are guys but they aren't girls. Unfortunately alot of people cannot do that. (like for example the Saiunkoku guys, you can tell they are not girls, but they have a really elegant style to them)

And agreed, I've honestly seen alot of really girly Soren's around (which is annoying) What I mean of course is that a majority of the guys that fandom draws really looks like fourteen year old girls, you know.. before they hit that first change.

It's probably because while he grow older and older, fandom grows younger and younger.

ugh PREACH. preach. I find it kind of sad that on my bookmark descriptions I add "____ actually looks like a guy on this site!" like that shouldn't already be the norm and is some little subgenre I'm looking for. Sadly, it is ;_; Oh fanart, why.

GUH. I have many an experience with this. GUH. My eyes. They have seen too much.

I agree with you. I like cute guys like Haruma Miura but you can tell he's a man. i hate Yaoi where the man is a girl, this is why I love Yuri because it's always two girls not an ultra feminine one and a big butch one!

If the male is more effeminate in canon, I'll accept him being drawn moe and feminine. I will not accept someone like Luke, who is buff and fairly masculine - barring his hair - in canon, being drawn like a fluttery-lashed, blushing girl. I like themes like cross-dressing and trans as much as anyone else, and possibly more, but I prefer to see a manly man in a dress to a slim, already frilly guy, y'know?

I especially get turned off when the uke is girly and the seme is tall, broad, angular, and masculine. It's frustrating.

Hey, yaoi and slash fangirls. News-fucking-flash: if you like men to fuck each other, you should like men to fuck each other.

It's like, go back to watching Gravitation or some other gay-teway drug yaoi. Or whatever the hell it is that made you think guys need to be girls.

Oh man see I'm ALL RIGHT WIHT MEN IN DRESSES. Seriously, and if a character is drawn girly in the series (like Tieria from Gundam00, then I don't mind so much him making moe-face.) but when it's ultra manly guys.. ugh.

Though I love to randomly stick men in dresses.

Have you gotten to Poland yet? Probably not, he's a guy who wears dresses sometimes, and like totally not girly. He's adorable though.

Oh Gravitation.. but I seriously don't know what this generation's big YAOI thing is. (I wonder if I -want- to know.

You know what I'mm looking forward to? Ai no Kusabi. QUALITY YAOI WITH A PLOTLINE. (that series can't come out fast enough)

Yeah, that's different. But chick-ifying someone like Cloud? I don't give a shit if he does put a dress on in canon, just look at him: he's masculine. And yet fanfic authors and fanartists draw him like a little long-lashed, makeup-wearing moe bitch if he's with anyone but Tifa or Aerith.

Men in dresses is not random. It is delicious. It is always justified. *^^*

I haven't! I'm only on episode six, 'cause I've been too busy to just relax and dick around with anime. I haven't even started watching the Code Faglouch Gayass I downloaded two weeks ago! D;

Gravitation was big in my day, and I did like it...till it became crappy crack in volume seven, and I gave up. It wasn't ever really that good, honestly. I do still like the music, though. **hides under desk**

This generation's big thing? Is honestly Death Note and Hetalia, I think. It doesn't matter to people if it's canon or not, as long as there are Lights and Nazis in it.

Ai no Kusabi is love. I am so excited. I have always wanted to watch it and eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert... **hides again**

It doesn't matter to people if it's canon or not, as long as there are Lights and Nazis in it.

Okay so I've been accused of watching it for nazi's. >.> or commies.. like Eroica with Love. DELICIOUSLY GAY OLD SCHOOL MANGA, YOU WOULD LIKE IT!

So, in other words, you like stuff like a Flik/Viktor type pairing, then? But then, someone might over-bishi Flik, something some folks.

*chuckle* And yes, I have been on quite a Suikoden binge of late. XD

Oh I love Viktor and Flik, but I've not seen a whole lot of girly Flik honestly which is good because honestly.. the Suikoden fanbase isn't all that asstarded.

Oh how I love Suikoden, so many potential yaoi and yuri pairs. >.>

Agreed. Have you read any bara before?

p.s. Ai no Kusabi - can't wait ;_; .. tissues at the ready :)

Ah, I totally understand what you mean. I have come across some slash fan art where the uke (usually the main character of the series) is no longer the character that we're familiar with, but rendered into a much more delicate thing that can't fend for itself physically and mentally. @_@ Adding insult to the injury, the character now has the ability to fulfill a domestic skill.

Oh god, thank you for bringing this up! I signed up for yaoi to appreciate two guys being together! D< I kind of just roll my eyes when I see it in art, because it can still be pretty when one of them resembles a girl, but what really gets me is when they do that in fic. I hate seeing a wonderful character's personality butchered because he's seen as the uke, which to a lot of people, obviously means he has to sigh and blush and giggle whenever seme comes around.

Ugh, yes. I love effeminate manga boys, but if I'm looking for fanart of a specific pairing, I want the characters to actually look (and act) like themselves, not jammed into stereotypical moulds.

But mostly I just like the phrase "And I realize, I JUST GOT HET IN MY BUTTSECKS, what?".

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