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Firstly, this is a PLEA post. Meaning that, my beloved f-list, I want you to give my creativity a jump start by posting ideas for characters or pairings that I should icon. Because sometimes I just stare at my PSP and go "...." So sometimes I need someone to give me inspiration or ideas. Any particular icons you want me to make. Well go for it, there's no guarentee that I'll make them, but honestly the inspiration means A WHOLE LOT!

I also realize that I could of done this second icon SO much better. But it's the truth, Marta is a raepist. The idea was epic, but just sort of fell short. KERPLUNK. The sekrit is that I fail at text

Edit: Watching the Tales of Abyss anime, I see the pairing that they're 'going' for.. Tear/Luke, but I see the pairing that appeals to me.. Guy/Luke. It just goes to show that sometimes I just don't really need hardcore canon, I tend to ship whatever really appeals to me, and usually instincts never lead me wrong. (Russia/Leit was first instinct yes, but then when Belarus came into play, I sort of just fell in love with the whole Russia/Belarus deal just because she's a raepist just like Marta

Though before that I call reserve on Peony/Jade. I already knew I would like that pairing honestly... because some things you just -know-.
Tags: iconage, marta is a raepist, marta vs krauser go!, raepx11
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