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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Firstly, this is a PLEA post. Meaning that, my beloved f-list, I want you to give my creativity a jump start by posting ideas for characters or pairings that I should icon. Because sometimes I just stare at my PSP and go "...." So sometimes I need someone to give me inspiration or ideas. Any particular icons you want me to make. Well go for it, there's no guarentee that I'll make them, but honestly the inspiration means A WHOLE LOT!

I also realize that I could of done this second icon SO much better. But it's the truth, Marta is a raepist. The idea was epic, but just sort of fell short. KERPLUNK. The sekrit is that I fail at text

Edit: Watching the Tales of Abyss anime, I see the pairing that they're 'going' for.. Tear/Luke, but I see the pairing that appeals to me.. Guy/Luke. It just goes to show that sometimes I just don't really need hardcore canon, I tend to ship whatever really appeals to me, and usually instincts never lead me wrong. (Russia/Leit was first instinct yes, but then when Belarus came into play, I sort of just fell in love with the whole Russia/Belarus deal just because she's a raepist just like Marta

Though before that I call reserve on Peony/Jade. I already knew I would like that pairing honestly... because some things you just -know-.

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text is the pits, i agree wholeheartedly on THAT ;A;

how about...some kyou kara maou icons! i think you're into kkm...? anyhow, it's so rare to find icons of kkm and it would be wonderful to asdfjlk;

Yeah, I just can't make it seem right though I know there are icon text gurus all around but my text just always comes out sloppy or just I don't know where to put them or what to use or others, textures are so much easier for me to deal with. :sobs:

Oh yes, Kyou Kara Maou! do you have any particular favorite characters?

As they always say- practice makes perfect! I personally like screening my text, to make them barely visible buut i fail at PS, always and forever /sobs

I LOVE EVERYONE. But i will forever love Yuri most, 'cause i have a thing for boys playing baseball ♥

Haha, I'm the same way with pairings. Sometimes hardcore canon isn't what appeals to me, but other pairings do.

You should totally do some Mion/Rena icons. Hee hee hee.

Well, since I don't see anywhere even CLOSE to the amounts of anime you do, how about you just do what makes you happiest? ::gigglehugs::

hfkahsdkhaksfhasdasd. Oh, don't get me started on TotA. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

OH MY GOD YOU KNOW THERE WILL BE PEONY/JADE and GUY/LUKE! MOST DEFINITELY! (since I love those, in fact through texts tonight while I was at work, my Peony muse was having a party with Shuu's Jade muse that involved pin the cock on the general. *ahems* it was crazy.

I always love your icons! How about anything Xeno related? I'm honestly not picky, I love all the games and the characters. XD But chaos, Jr., MOMO, Jin and Gaignun are at the top of my list, as are Citan and Billy. Why yes I am predictable.

I really need to watch Tales of the Abyss, since I'll likely never find a copy of the game at this point.

ToA is the devil to find. I fought all over eBay for two weeks before I won, and I had to pay dearly to beat out the other bidders. I hate getting hold of out-of-print PS2 games, but the Tales series is worse than most!

I recommend torrenting the anime, since it's a fairly faithful adaptation even with how fast it has to rip through game events. Plus, Abyssal Chronicles did a really good job subbing it.

Sorry to randomly comment you; I know we don't know each other. I just totally related to your comment about never finding the game! ^^6

Out of two years of searching, I was able to find and purchase a decent copy of the game from GameStop. The price? 20$. Damn right.

However, little did I know that my cousin would take the game and scratch it into tiny slivers. fffffffffffffuuuuu.

I'm envious. Green with it! Twenty bucks...I never find games I want for twenty bucks anymore!

I'm so sorry! I weep for your game. Your poor, poor ToA, stolen from you so young! That would be such an FML moment. T_T

I've been looking for the game for years, so I believe it. I'm so mad I didn't grab it when it first came out. I've had my share of paying waaaaayyyy too much for hard to find games, so I feel your pain, believe me.

That's what I've heard, and it seems like the best way for me to be able to experience the story, at least for now. Thanks for the input!

Oh, no worries! Talking about games is always a good thing. ^^ I'm happy you at least managed to get a copy for yourself!

I only started looking for it because my cosplay group wanted to cosplay it, and I wanted to try playing it rather than watching the condensed version that is the anime. I was lucky to get it as quickly as I did, considering.

But I still love the anime (haven't finished the game), and I think it's worth the time, especially since you've spent years trying to find the game!

Thanks! I'm happy, too. It was a relief when at last I won! I nearly cried with relief...

Oh no! I really should do more Xeno icons, and as much as I've not really concentrated on the series, I still love the series horribly. (mental note: move my uzuki folder down to this computer) teehee.

The Tales anime is pretty good, granted I am only on the second episode honestly. It's slow going really, but I am liking it!

TALES OF THE ABYSS ICONS PL0XPL0XPL0X. I demand them. Especially PeonyxJade and GuyxLuke, as requested by lycamduat.

I know what you mean about LukexTear. I've never gotten into that canon pairing because 1) I'm not interested much in Tear as a character, and 2), I think Guy has more to offer Luke in terms of both personal growth and stability. I want to see them together and happy.

There is a reason my group is cosplaying ToA. Because it's full of GQMFs and ghei, and it manages to be meaningful and fantastic.

Also, since we were talking about it, we can has EnglandxAmerica?

Also also, I'm kind of a FFVIII/FFXII nut and if you do anything related to those, I will have to marry you this very second, and name a rappig after you to boot.

(Sorry you'll get emailed three versions of this comment. Holy Hyne and Yulia, I cannot type.)

Edited at 2010-01-10 05:08 am (UTC)

AHAHA because it is a new fandom, you can expect icons! (I seriously need a Luke/Guy one as well as Peony/Jade. *coughs* I really agree with you about Luke and Guy, I think that together they are really very firm together. Tear and Luke are just two very similar characters. Well similar in that they are intense even if one is louder then the other. Really what Luke needs is someone who is calm and rational as Guy evidentally is. It's a balancing act and I'm a firm believer in balance.

ENGLAND/AMERICA! England is such an adorkable tsundere... and the fact that he has all of the fairies and unicorns loving him is adorable too. America has UFOs, England has fairies. (some of thebest pictures are of him wearing a fairy outfit, which he actually did show up in. Oh many Talyn, I really need to make a zip of Hetalia fanart for you. I mean quality hetalia fanart.

PEONYxJADE OMYulia! I have such a hard-on for Jade. Whenever he opens his mouth, I jizz in my pants. Same thing with Peony. My absolute favorite scene in the game is a scene with Peony telling everybody to beg for the Lost Celesti sword, and when it gets to Jade, Peony suddenly declares, "Shut up. Don't. Beg. I'll puke," and Jade does anyway. It's delicious. ;DDD~

I like Tear with Natalia and no one else. I like Luke with many people, but I think his best bet is Guy because they balance each other so well. Guy has his emotional roller coasters, too, but no matter what his story is regarding Luke, he always goes back to Luke and considers him his best friend. The part of the anime where Guy says that Luke is his best friend, not Asch? Priceless. I wiped at tears. GuyxLuke is my OTP!

ENGLAND/AMERICA FTW, but also GERMANY/N. ITALY. Fuuuuck. DEUTSCHLAND, MEINE LIEBE! FFFFFFFuuuuuuu. **drools** I love England so hard, but I'm becoming more of a Germany fan every second. I cannot help myself. I'm a sucker for German as a language, German accents, and German work ethic. ドイツ、ドイツ~ FMfuckingL, why do I like this cracktastic anime?

Awww that's romance right there, but I've been sort of rummaging around for Peony/Jade fanart just because, there seems to be alot of sights so thank goodness for that. Awww I know how it's gonna be with Peony and Jade, and Jade seems like he'd be contrary just so that he could give his liege a fit. It seems like it would be so delicious and cute and yay!

And Guy and Luke, I really need to find more fanart of tem too!

Oh gods, Germany is hilarious, I love him honestly. There's this one strip in the comic where Germany tries to buy a book on 'how to go out with a guy' because of Italy, and he goes into the bookstore and picks the first one he sees, hijinks ensue when he reads it. So cute, he's so serious but it's really cute how serious he is.


It's a popular pairing and (thank Hyne) they're drawn like men 95 percent of the time. It's hard to femme-ify Jade, and Peony is clearly the man in the relationship, given his superior status over Jade. I love digging through Japanese fansites for them.

Jade loves to irritate Peony, and vice-versa. They live to get rises out of each other, and are excellent at it because they've known each other so long. It's hilarious to watch them interact. ♥ It's proof that they're in love!

Germany is so cute! He thinks he's so badass, but Italy is his weak point. I love watching him yell at Italy over all the stupid things Italy says, knowing that he's sekritly lusting after his only friend. *^^*

DAMN THAT CRACK. It's whack! There's a reason they tell you not to do drugs...

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