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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Chu-bra!! Episode 1.

I wanted to watch the first episode because let us face it, it is an anime about girls and underwear. (hey just so you all know, I did endure the first episode of Queen's Blade too, just because I wanted to see that was about.)

What I expected - PERVERSION TO THE MAX.
What I got - Pervision AND THEN SOME MORE wrapped up in an uberly cute center.

This is honestly moe, but I would like to think that it is a sort of Yakitate!Japan for perverts, minus the bread of course.

Would I suggest it? I don't know, the jury is out until the second episode.

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Just three minutes into this and I am going squeeeeeeee. The girls are adorable! And well, undies. I like undies.

And now 20 minutes into it and I'm saying, wow. I quite like Keigo. And I definitely like Nayu.

Oh oh oh, the yuri capacity is just amazing >.>

I KNOW. OH NAYU. You are so easy to slash. SO EASY. And so cute.

Yeah it's very cute. Underwear shots everywhere, and cute underwear. So I'm liking it but see the thing about anime is that first episodes are like the hook to get a person in.. the second, third and fourth episodes either make you or break you though.

Will there only be female undie shots? I am particularly amused on how informative this anime actually is. I mean, we've got Cooking Master Boy and Grander Musashi and all sorts of other anime of the same informative theme, but about underwear. WELL.

That's right. That's the tricky part about these things. (As of today only NOW I've made it past the first Haruhi Suzumiya ep and I am still 50/50.)

Haruhi, the first season is EXCELLENT, especially with the whole Itsuki is gay for Kyon type of deal. (I mean really really really gay for him) The second season, not so good unfortunately, you're better directing your attention to Hetalia!

OH LORD NIA. HOW DID YOU KNOW. I am also a little interested in perhaps Asahina. I don't know, perhaps it's the moe in her.

I'm pretty up to date on the Hetalia anime. I can safely say Hetalia is much like a drug. A 5 minute drug which one can't stop taking.

Ahahahaha, my gaydar works just fine and Itsuki is one of the most homosexual characters EVAH. (that's why I love him). Asahina is cute yes, but oh boy it gets better. Stick with the first season, it's great. (avoid the second season, you don't really NEED it)

Ah, Hetalia, ah Giripan. That's my drug of choice.

I watched the first episode and I loved it!

I work in a lingerie department so I kinda have a special love for panties and bras.

It's so cute and it's about panties. It's perverted without being perverted in a sense.

I liked that they made it out to be super informative. Which wins points because I happen to like the 'informative' anime, like Moyashimon, Yakitate and other such things. But this time we get to learn about BRAS AND PANTIES! (and hell, I'm not turning down some good old fashioned eye candy)

Yeah, I liked that too. I hope it stays accurately informative like it was this episode.

I find it rather funny the girl has to grope to really find out what's wrong with their underwear, and then it's not necessary to strip to get measured, but that part was in probably for some minor plot and lulz.

Wow, 10 seconds in and we have moe and panties. God damn... I love this show.

I knew you would like this series. So far I've gotten a few people into it, hopefully it'll go somewhere, I don't know though. I'm going to watch the second episode but I saw it on the anime blog that I have feeding into my LJ and I decided 'what the hell' and watched the first episode because I wasn't doing anything else.

lol I don't think I'll watch it. The picture on the winter anime list thing turned me off. 8(

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