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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Top Five Fandoms Jyuu will not Touch with a Ten Foot Pole:
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Here I go..

5.) Full Metal Alchemist. - "I bet you don't know what Ed -really- does with his automail -wink wink nudge nudge-"

4.) Kyou Kara Maou - Pairing Armaggeddon.


2.) RPS - Just because they are real doesn't make it any less wrong.

1.) Twilight - I AM SUE AND SO CAN YOU!

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(Deleted comment)
Thank America for Stephen Colbert and the on-the-spot inspiration >.>


A+, would LOL again! :D

I agree with you on
1. and 3.

I like gay stories but yaoi is badly written most of the time.
I much prefer Yuri.

Yeah exactly. Once again I really do like yaoi,; it is the fans that make me go 'huh'.

I'm with you on three and definitely on one. XD. I've actually been accused of being homophobic (hilarious, I know) because I'm not into yaoi. ...What? I'm fully supportive of male/male relationships, but I just find girl/girl relationships to have much more of a personal impact on me since I'm in one myself. XD.

And Twilight sucks, we all know that. A++++++.

No shame in that, I remember being accused of being a homophobe because I liked Rukia and Byakuya (from Bleach) instead of Renji and Byakuya. I was like "I like Shunsui and Ukitake.. therefore I am NOT a homophobe". I mean if real life went by fandom for every sex-starved rabid vapid yaoi fangirl, we'd be an extinct species.

I tend to avoid fandoms in general these days. Too many dramamongers.

You are QUITE WISE in doing so!

I totally agree about 4-2. Yaoi fans tend to be preeeetty sexist and I don't like that at all. And I don't like RPS either, personally.

Agreed on just about everything. I -do- still read very specially selected BL, but I don't hang around chatting about it with most fans.

And RPS is pretty creepy.

And KKM is a freaking gay harem show- some members of the fandom need to get that into their head. It will -always- be split between Yuri/Conrad and Yuri/Wolfram. And any and all pairings are possible.

Yeah, that was what really disenchanted me with that, because I saw fans like try to ignite each other. It's just a goddamn show and I was like "I like Conrad/Yuri but honestly, I post one littel icon on the main community and then I get publically flambed with posts along the lines of "yuuram is better", and the ConYuu fans were no better hiding out in their elitist hole and making fun of the Yuuram fans. NO THANK YOU!

Totally agree with you on 4 and 1. I used to be into 4 but the pairing wars just got so damn out of hand in the end that I just couldn't deal with the fandom anymore.

Oh gods yes, the fandom was the worst. Who cares who is better for who? I mean sure if you like Yuuram then go right ahead, if you like ConYuu go right ahead. Life will still go on if you don't share the same pairing fetish.

Honestly that debacle is comparable to the whole SasuNaru or NaruSasu debate. (Come on people, don't argue about WHO tops. IT IS HTE SAME PAIRING *even though the fans would surely flame me for making that statement*

Agreed on 1, though I used to be a part of FMA fandom a long time ago (left because of shipping wars), and I do write a lot of yaoi/slash.

I'd personally add Gundam 00 to my own list, because that fandom is batshit insane when it comes to ships/characters and which you're allowed to like and not allowed to like. At least, it was last time I saw it. They basically acted like internet police. I lost love for the fandom when I got blasted/personally insulted for not liking LockonTieria, and harassed by someone I never met because my Allelujah RPing wasn't up to their standards. Friends of mine got blasted for liking Saji, Louise, and Marina, as well.

This is why I like smaller fandoms, sob.

LockTie is not for everyone, I profess to liking the pairing but I honestly try not to judge other people on their preference, there are a few pairings that make me go 'wtf' but you know, it's easy to keep that to myself. (Like Cloud/Sephiroth.. not a big fan of that pairing but I do not harangue other people for liking it).

Also, main reason why I don't RP in public, there will always be critics. I'm playing to have fun, not to be seen or judged. >.>

You forgot FFVII!

My personal ones include Gundam Wing and Kingdom Hearts. What a crazy majority.

See I was going to mention Kingdom Hearts but I've not really been in the Kingdom Hearts fandom so I don't know. Gundam Wing I would imagine would be really bad.

And as for FFVII, it was bad for uke!clouds and aerith and tifa war camps, but there are SOME sane fans in the series (and for that I hold out hope on it)

Holy crap, agreeing hard with #1. All the Twilighters I've run across IRL and on message boards are off-kilter somehow -- I mean, some of them are just mildly socially awkward which is easy enough to deal with, but others are absolutely bugfuck insane. D:

RPS is just creepy. It's one thing to pair off fictional characters, since they don't have any free will to violate, but real people? No. Just no.

KKM has a fandom?

Well, I honestly think that the end of the world came for KKM and obliterated everyone in it, including the fans. So I honestly don't think it exists anymore. I could be wrong, I mean stranger things -have- happened but honestly maybe the ConYuu and the YuuRam shippers have already killed each other.

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