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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I honestly hate needless drama. There are certain people that I will not add on to my flist even if you paid me. I've seen them on the internet throwing up as much wank as they can throw, I've seen them offset communities, stir the biggest pot of bullshit on the face of the planet and they hide it behind 'self rightous morals'. Honestly, switching journals is not a big thing.. people do it all the time. That being said, I'm only a third person watcher, I am also anti-drama. I can only post my opinion on the entire matter and then leave it at that.

It doesn't prevent me from going 'oh god, he strikes again' though. Really some people aren't happy unless they are starting drama, and that's a bit sad.

Also, I do not consider 'lesbian' a good insult. It lacks a severe ammount of taste.

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NO idea who you're talking about, but if anyone called me a lesbian as an insult I'd just thank them.

It sort of makes me laugh when people say "lesbian" as an insult. It's like "...Yeah? And?" It'd amount to the same as if they were like, "GIRL!" It's like, "Good job stating the obvious, fuckhead."

And I feel you on drama. :|.

Mmm lesbian. Yeah, well that's just like stating I'm a person honestly.. but still, it says alot about him that he can't think of anything better then that. (I hate it when people use people's sexuality as an insult, I feel the same way when people call others' faggot in a non-joking context.

You know it's not your fault, honestly he was bound to start something some time. I've seen this happen over and over, once upon a time he used to be quite the regular on 'fandom_wank', and I don't mean as a poster. No he was usually the subject of such. *hugs*

Where was I when people decided to use Lesbian as an insult? Because I would have promptly pelted rotten eggs their way and told them to come up with something better.

Drama, life blood of the internet!

Using Lesbian as an insult was rather hilarious. Yeah...so?

But the whole switching journals drama thing finally made me realize I really couldn't stand said person and I finally removed them.

Honestly, if he wanted to use an insult, he should of used 'cuntbag' or something like that, lesbian by itself really just lacks.. meaning. I mean it only serves to make everyone laugh at his creativity. (but here's me who calls her best friends 'fags'.. but that's a very familar type gesture I suppose).

First off anyone who uses lesbian as an insult, should not be taking any of your time and they must be as mature as my ten year old niece.

I'll say it once I'll say it twice. Internet drama is pointless, because you don't know who these people are and you'd probably never met these people in RL,so why bother?

Exacta-yes! Well I've given up internet drama, but it's sort of that 'oh cover your eyes because here it comes again'. >.>

Im also anti internet drama. WE'LL GET ALONG JUT FINE.

Using Lesbian as a insult is just lame. I second you on that.

YAY FOR ANTI-INTERNET DRAMA! *gives you a badge*

I really should make a badge, to put on my userinfo.

...How is lesbian an insult? So what, next time I get in an arguement with someone I can just use "straight" as an ad hominem? =/

I'm almost afraid to ask who was acting stupid this time. It'll probably work its way back to F_W anyway, so...

I've never gotten made at a straight person before, but I'm wondering if the term 'breeder' would suffice as an insult. Hurm...

(Deleted comment)
People who start drama online do so because they are big pussies in real life so they get off on acting like they have big dicks online where no one can see their minscule weiner. At least that's my conclusion.



Also lesbian is not an insult...it's a turn on :D


I hope that I don't have this person on my f-list. Now I'm all paranoid. Maybe I should start doing background checks. ¬_¬

You don't have that person on your flist, I already checked it but you would of known had he been on your flist honestly.

LULZ... Lesbian as an insult? hahah I'm straight as a fraking board and I'd giggle and say thanks if someone said something like that to me. What a douchebag.

Oh you know I once was called 'lesbi-nazi. Which was also minorly amusing, I was like "Gee, glad that you have seen my invisi-armbands."

How dare they?! *slaps them for their insolence*


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