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Normally this would encompass alot of various musics, however the only thing that Jyuu listened to this year seemed to be Take That. (okay that's not the truth, there were a few artists that shined through, but the majority of her listening comprised itself of pretty boybandedness.) So she decided to offer up her top twenty picks of all of Take That's discography. Snag, grab and perhaps comment saying what you liked or perhaps didn't like. These are her personal favorites though and are in no way keeping with the opinions of other Take That Acolytes (hey, everyone is different amirite?)

Why Take That you wonder? Because they write very -real- love songs, that is why I love them. They are strong and earthy but with that whisper of whimsy. I don't get moved by love songs that easily, but I can honestly say that all of Take That's songs seem to be a love song to life, to hope, to patience and all of those things that make love worth it. Instead of overdoing it on the techno and synths, they really do it classy and implement the classics, violins, pianos and other such instruments that are not used so often in pop. They honestly win and I'm more then happy to share them with you...

So come on in and enjoy the ride.

Sure (Beautiful World Tour Ver)
"It's gotta be social compatible, sexually irresistable.. it's gotta be right for life"

"But your need to leave is yours alone, break free.. let go"

Holding back the Tears
"No, I'm not holding the tears anymore... yesterday's my memory reminding me of all the times, that I depended on you."

She Said
"Oh my life was filled with trouble, with indecision, therapy and pain" (this song is NOT angsty, just for the record, despite the lyrics)

The Garden
"This is the life we've been given, so open your heart and start living..."

Give Good Feeling (Beautiful World Tour Ver
"Just so you know, I'm here waiting..."

Reach Out (Beautiful World Tour Ver)
"We all breathe in different ways, if one tear could wash away all our pain; we're all free to have the faith we believe"

Beautiful Morning
"Time flies, the sun shines behind me, forgiveness everywhere. I am breathing, believing that love is always there."

Up All Night
"At times it cuts me up thinking of you, all the hope I've got wasted on you."

I'd Wait for Life
"Cause you are always on my mind..."

Greatest Day
"Hold your head high, arms open wide; yeah the world starts to come alive when you stay close to me."

Hold Up a Light
"No, you don't have to steal the show, it was your show all along..."

Could it Be Magic (Beautiful World Tour Ver)
"You're my lifeline, angel of my lifetime.. answer to all answers I can find."

"Your time is coming, don't be late.

Never Forget (Beautiful World Tour Ver)
"Once I knew the bounderies, I looked into the clouds and saw my face in the moonlight."

"There were posters on the wall, I saw flowers in her hair but I never got the chance to see them bloom."

"There's a band outside, and they're playing on for you."

Rule the World
"You light the skies up above me, a star so bright you blind me.

How Did it Come to This?
"Tell me have I seen your face before, I forgot to say hello.. thought I made it clear that I have always been a smiler."

Pray (Beautiful World Tour Ver)"
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"But the morning always comes too soon, before I even close my eyes.
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