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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: On snow and other such :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

First I would like to start off this post by saying that I had expected the weather to be frightful, certainly there was alot of bitching and moaning. Plenty of people were like "Nia! have a safe drive home, it's very slick and snowy!" and of course on the walk through the store toward the front door, I believed them. Then I walked outside.

And laughed.

Snow BARELY covered the ground. And I made it home just fine, I mean I drove carefully but there was nothing major honestly. I forgot for a moment that I was used to MICHIGAN SNOW, and that Kentucky snow is in no way comparable. So yes, I had a good laugh about that, I need to be sure not to take everything these guys say about snow seriously. (They said ice and they meant slush, I tell you I've driven on pure ice rink surface before.. because that's how bad Michigan truly gets)

Secondly I need to get an icon done today. Even if it's a little icon. So far I've been doing good on the creative side and I even have a fic planned for "I'd Wait for Life" because I got a lovely imagery when I was listening to the song on my way to work (It's a shame that there is no Princess vol 32, even though I understand WHY that is *it's because the author is set on killing EVERYONE WHO I HOLD DEAR OFF*)

Also, it's time to start thinking of who my new layout will be based on. Must ask Shu on this since it's her turn to pick someone that she fancies.

Also top 20 Take That songs are coming up soon, just need to compile the list. That's easier said then done. -_- Because I first have to ask myself what is my FIRST favorite Take That song (though I have an idea of what it is)

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Ohhhh, I get to pick this time. I will have to think about it, but not hard since I already have an idea and it's practically the right time of year for it too! Icon might be relevant... though Alto and Sheryl might be good too. Heh... or Japan and Greece.

Ahahaha you know, I've never done a Setzer layout but oh gods I have tons and tons of songs for him, so do Sheryl.. but I think I can probably do with Japan too. WHICHEVER. YOU CHOOSE!

Get your creative juices flowing!
Is Michigan nice? I have plenty of friends there who keep asking me to come over!

Take That! I didn't know they were even famous in the states.

Well they aren't.. they are a niche group. I fell in love with them when they released that one album. Got their other albums just because, I am in love with that band in essence!

And Michigan is just really really cold.. it's nice in around June or July, otherwise it's TOO cold!

Wish we had snow here...

I was born and raised in Virginia, and even I think it's ridiculous how worked up people get about snow here. This year we actually did have a decent amount of snow, but usually the schools close down if there is an inch or more. When I was in high school, they once even closed school for a day because it was CALLING for a little bit of ice, and then it didn't do anything, haha. It's insane.
I am more wortried about the people who can't drive in snow or ice (read: pretty much everyone) than I am about the snow and ice itself.

Yeah, I know. I know how to drive in snow and ice however other people.. can't. Luckily when I came home today everyone was on their guard trying not to crash, even though when I pulled off to the side and felt the ground, it wasn't even icy.

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