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~Like the desert blooms with new fallen dreams...~

Well I think I have to re-evalutate exactly what House I belong to.. especially when I find Slytherin (And their Alumnus) quite delish. Oh Lucius.. *falls over into a swoon* Just let me comb your silvery white hair.


Had chicken and rice and watched my husband build potentially dangerous roller coasters. (not to me though.. I love em...) but my husband.. just between me and everyone on my list.. he is chicken shit when it comes to thrill rides.. I know.. he couldn't handle "Space Mountain" at Disneyland.

Course I am chicken shit when it comes to ghosts.. Cept for Moaning Myrtle and Nearly Headless Nick.. I don't think I would be afraid of them.. after all that is HOGWARTS! *hee's*

After I get done downloading Chobits, I am going to tackle Fruits Basket... mainly because of the hot guy, Ayame... he could quite potentially be my new god. (Him and Sting..)

Pretty Picture of the Day


Ain't they niiice? *winks*

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