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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Soylent Icons

I updated.. it's a meager update yes, but feel free to look and if you see any icons you absolutely have to use, well go right ahead, I don't mind! I added a few new sections and contributed to a whole lot more. It's usually slow going with me unfortunately -_-

Also I found a Lucky Star picture that made me really happy because it involves my favorite fairy tale...

Added points - Note who the Prince in the background is.


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O-oh lord. Laughing so hard. First thing I noticed was the Prince.

Yeah, well the creators have all but paired those two off (due to the infamous Konata in a wedding dress with Kagami as the groom) but that's just really hilarious, I am so totally loving that picture with Kagami as the mermaid and Konata as her 'prince'.

I couldn't finish the series but I remember how much the air between Konata and Kagami basically tingled when they were in the same room.

I had the biggest crush on Miyuki, while we're on the subject of Lucky Star.

Yeah, I just know that Konata is going to become a lesbian because of all the dating sims she plays, and then she's going to claim Kagami as her bride. >.< I am trying to figure out who I had a crush on, I'd say Miyuki too just because she was so cute and KNEW everything.

Who is this prince? :O

It's Konata (a girl) from Lucky Star, the mermaid is her friend Kagami which I find really hilarious because they spend the entire series basically fighting like a married couple.

I see! I see!

The creators of the picture have given this some thought then. Excellent!:D

Oh geez. I'd watch this series if not for the huge amounts of "wtf" that I get from trying to keep up. XD;;;

Oh I know, it's the greatest anime series about NOTHING! I am sure Shu will appreciate moving on to a series that's.. you know, actually about something, but honestly Lucky Star is good, you just have to be acclimated to it.

Maybe one day. It's like... I tried. I really did. But I also tried to get into APH and no dice. >_

Well those series aren't for everyone, so no worries about that! It just means you like more meat with your bread!

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