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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Soylent Icons

I updated.. it's a meager update yes, but feel free to look and if you see any icons you absolutely have to use, well go right ahead, I don't mind! I added a few new sections and contributed to a whole lot more. It's usually slow going with me unfortunately -_-

Also I found a Lucky Star picture that made me really happy because it involves my favorite fairy tale...

Added points - Note who the Prince in the background is.


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O-oh lord. Laughing so hard. First thing I noticed was the Prince.

Yeah, well the creators have all but paired those two off (due to the infamous Konata in a wedding dress with Kagami as the groom) but that's just really hilarious, I am so totally loving that picture with Kagami as the mermaid and Konata as her 'prince'.

I couldn't finish the series but I remember how much the air between Konata and Kagami basically tingled when they were in the same room.

I had the biggest crush on Miyuki, while we're on the subject of Lucky Star.

Yeah, I just know that Konata is going to become a lesbian because of all the dating sims she plays, and then she's going to claim Kagami as her bride. >.< I am trying to figure out who I had a crush on, I'd say Miyuki too just because she was so cute and KNEW everything.

Who is this prince? :O

It's Konata (a girl) from Lucky Star, the mermaid is her friend Kagami which I find really hilarious because they spend the entire series basically fighting like a married couple.

I see! I see!

The creators of the picture have given this some thought then. Excellent!:D

(Deleted comment)
Oh I know, it's the greatest anime series about NOTHING! I am sure Shu will appreciate moving on to a series that's.. you know, actually about something, but honestly Lucky Star is good, you just have to be acclimated to it.

(Deleted comment)
Well those series aren't for everyone, so no worries about that! It just means you like more meat with your bread!

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