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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Take That Present Live at the Circus - a review :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
*warning - Youtube Link HEAVY under cut

When I woke up Christmas Eve day, I found a package on my desk.. sent by the glorious runningraindog (oh my god thank you so much!). Inside this package was my beloved Take That Presents Live at the Circus, a concert DVD for the concert spectacular that they threw this summer, starting in June and ending in July. This DVD has been highly anticipated for me since I love love love love love Take That, always have though my love for them has pretty much run the gamut throughout this year.

As a music group, this band is top of my list. Positive songs, beautiful and emotionally compelling and proving once and again that they can reach out to people with their words, their music and their energy. I couldn't be in England for the concerts but I could support them and by the DVD, besides I got the best seat in the house since only then could I actually see Howard grope Jason's ass rather vividly too.

I will put a little asterick by the recommended watches. (hey I'm always looking for new converts into the church of Take Thattery.)


The intro is one of the things that I regret them cutting out of the actual concert CD that I purchased as well. This song is good, certainly it has absolutely no singing by the boys but this song sets the entire mood for the concert and it's entertaining. Yes the group did have opening bands, but this is the concert opener, full of theatrics and dramatics. This is very whimiscal and precious and it's an excellent seque into the Take That concert. If you were wondering, yes the theme of this concert is a circus, and later on in the review, you're gonna see exactly WHY.


"And the world comes alive.."
-Greatest Day

Take That never just walks onto stage, no they arrive. Unfortunately I have no idea how they really got onto stage but it must of been impressive. There is so much energy in this song that is addictive and it really gets you psyched up for the concert. The boys are out there enjoying themselves, you can just feel it.. that it is indeed the greatest day of their lives. And the moment when everyone's arms go into the air is just one of the most breathtaking moments of this concert for me.

"Glad you took the time to say hello.."

This is a great song, I really like it, the moment I like though is something that is completely trivial and probably something that I would only understand (when Gary sings in a higher pitch "When I'm looking at you" and right after all the flowers and birds are swarming around the stage, it's a really minute thing to just get tickled over, but I attribute that to my virgoean nature, it's in the details man.). A very happy and fun song.

"Your my lifeline, angel of my lifetime,
Answer to answers I can find."

-Could it be Magic

This one is probably the one that I am most disappointed with if only because of the last concert. This song was how they originally sang it, but for the last tour they slowed it down and made it a beautiful ballad. If you listen to this song in this tempo and then listen to the last concerts version. Perhaps I just interpet it different, but once again I prefer the "Beautiful World Tour" version of it, well I can't be happy with everything on this concert DVD (even though I guarentee you that this IS excellent)

"But the morning comes to soon.. before I even close my eyes"

This is another song that is okay, I'm not happy with it but then I'm not unhappy with it either (because the last one was done so spectacularly) but it's still catchy and I realize that has everything to do with placement (in the last concert they did this at the very end). This is the song where they do a 'proper boy band dance' which means alot of going left and right, tons of choreography. It's a bit of raw, no props, just them singing and still a great song (and notice that the singer doesn't really do a whole lot of the movements, because he doesn't like to dance.) The energy is still infectuous and I'm still smiling the entire time.

"A million love songs later.. and here I am."
-A Million Love Songs

This is one of their old songs which is quite refreshing, last concert I was thrilled that they played "Sure", this time it's a Million Love Songs, which is quite cheesy and sappy but still a great love song nevertheless.

"Got a fist of pure emotion,
Got a head of shattered dreams..
Better leave it, better leave it all behind now"

-Back for Good

Chances are if anything, you will know this song, certainly it was the song that got me started on Take That back in the late 90s. A great classic song, great for a sing-a-long (though not the kind that Gary wants). This is a great placement for the song and I actually may prefer this version to the other, just because the other was too naked in my opinion.. and hey, the boys getting splashed by water, I have NO PROBLEM WITH THIS.


"This is the life we've been given, so open your heart and start living.."
-The Garden


This is the true start of the concert, the theming comes in strongly here now. It's gorgeous, it seriously is and I'm impressed at the very grandiose way that Take That went from B stage to A stage. (for those of you who want incentive.. animatronic elephant. Nuff said)



"You.. you're such a big star to me.."

I could say the same thing about this as the last one. Yes, this is also a watch because they put on a circus act in essence, with chinese acrobats, jugglers and everything.. it's just amazing and you're always seeing something knew when you watch it. Unfortunately this is one of those that probably looks better on High Def. So Take That have reached the meat and bones of their concert and they're ready to put on the greatest show on earth, and that they do. >.> Though his outfit is exactly why I think Mark may be some drugs that only he's aware of.. or something. (but Jason is quite alright, because the only atrocity is his pants.. and that can be excused because it gives us a good view of his arse.


"Oh maybe don't need you to save me,
Just want you to help me.. cause you're keeping me up all night"

-Up All Night

This song is perfect how it's done. It's intimate and they are the only ones up on that stage playing any music. No back up band, nothing. It's just them and the crowd which is amazing to me. (Did you know that in an effort to become less like a boy band and more like a real band, each of them picked up an instrument to play... and that is the fruits of their labour.)

"Sometimes we don't know what we're waiting for,
But that's the time to be the first one on the dance floor"

-Wooden Boat

There are subtle differences in this one as to the last tour's one, but it isn't bad honestly. It's just a different and unique feel, but it's still a very low-key song, and it's sung by Jason who is an amazing vocalist in his own right, this song is a bit sad and a bit poignant.. but ofttimes the songs that are vocalized by Jason are very much introspective, usually not about relationships, but about one inner-thoughts in regards to them. It's probably why I just consider him very amazing in general and all of his songs strike deep chords with me.


"Thought I made it clear that I had always been a smiler.."
-How Did it Come to This?

THIS IS MY FAVORITE JASON SONG. I absolutely love this song and I was glad that they put this in the concert. A wonderful song and I have no words for it, except that I was thrilled. (nothing to really say)

"Cause everyone loves a circus show..
But I'm the only clown you'll ever know"

-The Circus

But before the song, Gary gets a sing-song. Being an accomplished pianist (and Elton John's protege) his home has always been at the piano, and he doesn't have to share the audience with anyone else except for him.. this of course lets the other band members have a little break and get ready for the next act. Then Gary launches into "The Circus" which is the title track of the album and a gorgeous song and he really wears the attention well (I hate the fact that song and the previous medley wasn't put on the CD, just because it's so beautiful.. my dissatisfaction with the CD content has nothing to do with my enjoyment of the entire show though.


"If love is truth then let it break my heart.."
-What is Love?

This is another favorite sequence of mine, the song is gorgeous and it starts another sub-stage of the circus. I don't want to give any of this away honestly, this was very masterful how they enacted this whole thing. *zips lips shut* also the prelude into the song goes back to the intro sequence and by this time you've heard several key-ins where they reference the song, I'm thinking they did this because it's the halfway mark (or close) and acts as intermission.




They are making fun of what they sang way back when, all those cheesy pop songs. And in such a delightful way.


"Said it all.. nothing to say at all, nothing to say that matters."
-Said it All

This is a very poignant song as the mood goes from happy to sad, but it's the perfect idea and conceptual for this but it works with what they did on their music video which typifies 'sad clowns'. (Sad clown Howard just kills me honestly, it's that frownie that does it to me)

"We've come a long way, but we're not too sure where we've been.."
-Never Forget

I like what they did better in the last concert but still it's not bad, it's just different. The energy is still there, but they couldn't really do it how they did last time because those animetronic elephants take alot to maintain. (And I've always liked this song that Howard sings, it's perhaps one of my favorites that he voices) And honestly, I can't imagine a concert in which they -don't- do this song, it's just that much a part of them.

"My heart is numb; has no feeling.. so what, I'm still breathing"

No strong feelings about this, but only because while I love singing along to this song (it's the way that the song hits high and then goes down like steps) but this song is one that I never get too enthusiastic about during concerts. It's a good song though and it's strong, just nothing to really get me excited about (It's no "How did it Come to This")


"Help me to escape this feeling of insecurity..."
-Relight my Fire

Myself and shuufish are both of the opinion that the other tour's version of this was stronger. It's still very very good! (and no that's NOT TIM CURRY, it's the ringleader from the concert -but- he does a good Tim Curry impression). It wouldn't be a Take That concert without at least ONE sequence featuring the sexualization of women, they sexualize themselves enough that honestly I don't worry about it too much (example: Jason and his pants) A bonus is that the woman who is singing in this concert is the actual singer of the song *since it was a song that came out in the 70s*, mad props to the boys for getting her to sing with them. (added note: this sequence makes me believe that Jason probably has sex with the dancers)


"And if life's your stage, I'll be watching..."
-Hold up a Light

They could not of 'not' done this song for the concert, it was just so very perfect for what they were set to do and when I saw the playlist and found this, I squee'd. This song is perhaps one of their most epic songs, and pretty much this is the wrap-up of the Circus, the grand finale of sorts (though they use two songs to spread over the full effect of this). A perfect seque into that final act which will close the curtains on their concert. *and the boys, they give their cast bows during this sequence*


"All the stars are coming out tonight, they're lighting up the sky tonight for you.. for you"
-Rule the World

I loved Pray for the outro for the last concert, but for this concert, this outro is perfect.. it fits the mood.. and the fireworks at the end are the perfect touch as it explodes across the sky. An epic choice and it makes you want to cry during it just because it's so beautiful and poignant and leaves you with a very pleasant taste in your mouth along with the melancholy that it's all over. (but not for me, I has the DVD! ahahaha)


There were some parts that I thought they could of done better, and some that I thought that they did spectacularly, but as a package deal, they did wonders with this show, the ammount of time and effort not to mention money was amazing. You get what you pay for and they got transcendance. While some points made me dissatisfied, it was glossed over by an aura of pure and simple enchantment that Take That has never failed to deliever to me over and over again.

If you've actually cared to watch any of these and want some of the songs, just drop me a comment and I'll be more then happy to share the goods. In all Take That is a wonderful band.. they displaced Duran Duran (as sad as that kinda is) and I don't think I'm unhappy with that.

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Your a real Take That fan!
I hope you enjoyed it, I remember the days when Robbie was still in the group!
Some of Take That's songs were really great!

I love your tags on this entry!

Yeah, each of them needed a tag, unfortunately the whole "Jason, if you're reading this then you're thinking too hard" was too long for a tag >.>

That's too bad, however as a second choice 'Jason is a pretty ballerina' is actually pretty great.

Because I've never seen anyone dance out of nowhere like he does. I mean they'll be doing nothing on stage and yet he'll just twirl. It's CRAZY!

It's too true... personally I like the posing Jason does, that really is the best. I smile every time I see him do it.

Yeah, I love the posing he does too.. it's great. Probably a major reason why he's my favorite member. (though Mark is my second favorite! How can you not love the little guy!)

Jason's fashion sense makes him adorable to me, though I'm still not sure if I have a favorite, though maybe it's Howard. And Mark, of course, is a close second, because he's so fun to watch.

What a great review! I went to 3 of the Wembley shows (including the DVD night)and they were brilliant. I was disappointed with the CD because they missed out so many songs! I also thought the crowd participation (everyone sang along - the noise was incredible)was dumbed down on both the dvd and cd.

How can anyone not love these boys...they are so talented, can sing, dance, write,seem geniunely nice guys, don't take themselves too seriously and obviously love each other. PLEASE NO NO NO TO ROBBIE REJOINING. He has too much baggage and I'm sure the dynamics of the group will be upset...besides they are just perfect as they are - if it ain't broke don't fix it...

Oh goodness, see I loved the band for the longest time, since they came out with the american release of "Back for Good" (I found out though that they had disbanded shortly after that release) but I was thrilled by them getting back together.

I think that with any Take That concert, it is their interaction with the audience that make it brilliant, like when Jason is talking to the audience or when Mark is doing something cheesy, and when Gary is doing his piano medley, that's one of the best moments ever for me. I have all of the beautiful world concert on CD, with all the talkie bits, and I listen to that concert all the time. The moments in between for me is what give the band personality.

(And girl, I so agree with you on the subject of Robbie.. and my girlfriend also agrees that the band actually got better when Robbie left). He's great on his own, I actually really enjoy his solo stuff, but I do not think that he'd be able to contribute effectually with the guys.)

Glad you enjoyed the review, and oh I envy you. I live in the US and was sick and beside myself, stalking the webpage regularly and lamenting that I couldn't be at this concert, I kept telling people that I would of sold my soul to have been to that concert, seriously. You've had an amazing expirience that I don't think any DVD can really re-create... to see the boys live there on stage. That must of been brilliant!

Oh it's such a shame that you can't get to see the boys - they are sooo good live and can really work the crowd. In fact they always say that 50% of their show is the crowd. I've also got Beautiful World Tour (saw that twice!) that (excuse pun coming up!) was really beautiful. But they just get better and better and once you've seen them, you'll always go back and see them again. I think that is how they've built up their new fan base. I certainly have introduced a couple of friends and they are now completely hooked. As for the Circus DVD - this sounds really sad, but I could honestly happily watch it every day - infact i think I'm now on the verge of being obsessed!!

If you want a copy of New Year's Eve 2007 at 02(live on ITV)I could send you copy (I was also there. Also have you seen Take That Come To Town which was shown on ITV, I think at the end of 2008/beginning of 2009 - that should be on YouTube or ITV.com or I could try and burn onto DVD for you (is Uk compatible with US?)

Anyway nice to think they have reached some in the good ole USofA! Is there many fans over there or are you a lonely voice?

Hey, one day I will get over there to see the boys.. I promise. But they just really know how to work the crowd and that's awesome (I am the same with the Beautiful World DVD which I've watched quite a bit actually.. I just like how they've grown more mature in the long run, their songs have a bit more substance then they did, and I just watch their music just keep getting better and better.

No UK isn't compatible with US, the disc that the DVD was made in was luckily Region 0 which was basically 'pick your region' (thank the gods above for that) so it played like a dream, but that's alright because I've seen Take That come to Town which was awesome (I especially loved their rendition of Julie), I can also see where they got the idea for "Never Forget" from that show.

We have a few fans, but none are really hardcore about it. When I talk about Take That at work, they are like "Take who?" so really there isn't a whole lot of representation, and I pretty much have to import the stuff from LJ peeps who live in England (I had an English buddy who ordered everything for me off play.com). It makes it difficult yes, but hey at least I actually have the means to get stuff.

Oh yes, have to take this time to say that their abbey road sessions were awesome. THAT was the real meat of their Greatest Day CD (and I was beside myself when I realized that the day that they were in their recording was my birthday)

Well if you ever need anything ordered or copied just let me know - anything for a fellow Take Thatter!!

OH I OFFICIALLY LOVE YOU! that is perfect! thank you for the awesome offer and I hope that we can be marvelous friends!

No worries - will gladly help out - keep in touch.. by the way - this may seem like a silly question but are you and shuufish in anyway related or know each other as you have similar usernames?

Ahahaha, she's my girlfriend. We are both Take That fans together though I've recently gotten her into them so we both fangirl over them.

So don't worry, I'll keep in contact and if you see any Take That icons that I've made, feel free to ask.. since I can do icons and all the Take That icons I've shown have been ones that I made, or even if you have a screencap, I can icon anything for you! You know like a mutual offer and all!

BTW who is your favorite? You know, the one who you see who just makes you giggle just a little bit uncontrollably?

Thanks for your offers!

My favourite has to be between Howard and Jason - both are very fit obviously but also cheeky. Howard has a good sense of humour, humble and sincere and jason I think beneath that gorgeous smile is the deep meaningful one, very intelligent and into saving the planet. So I couldn't turn either down!

I think I agree with you on all accounts, I really liked it when I heard that Jason was very earth friendly, into Zen, reading and of course curry! And yes his smile is very gorgeous, not to mention that the songs that he sings really always just strike a chord in me, but yes Howard is cheeky as well.. I always got a feel for that when he is in the beautiful world live commentary and he's talking about what he thinks, it's very slow how he talks, but you know there's real solidity behind whatever he says.

I probably couldn't turn either down. In general it's hard to pick favorites, just because all the boys are REALLY great and I love them all in their little ways.

As you and your girlfriend are top fans then perhaps you could vote for the boys for best band and mark for hottest male (bless him!). Mark's currently winning but the boys are lagging behind in second. I think you can vote as many times as you like but like only once an hour - well every vote counts!

Also don't know if you do facebook but there are a few Take That sites - probably best is official site:

and the Take That appreciation site http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Take-That-Appreciation-Pages/179288393995

Right I'm off to bed as I'm beginning to sound very sad and an obsessed Take Thatter!! Night Night speak soon - it's 12.30 am here in rainy England!

I will and yes I'm a member of some Take That pages. and no worries about being a sad obsessed fan. I am borderline obsessed with them too so it's okay!

I'm just taking the time to second 'No to Robbie rejoining'. Musically they have a good thing going on obviously and I agree, if it isn't broken, then don't fix it.

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