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: But you and me, we just lay down in the garden :

First of all I would like to say "Goodbye Santa Finland!" for while his icon will rest quite safely on my insanejournal account where I have an infinite ammount of icon space it seems, he is going to leave both Dreamwidth and LJ for the rest of the year. Goodbye Santa!Finlnd.. enjoy your salted fish! (I'll need another Hetalia icon to replace him methinks.. I'm thinking something awesome.. like Poland.

Secondly, I will get that Take That Present Live at the Circus review up and running, just need to watch it a few more times (because I'm greedy and I love my Take That). For all of you that have never heard of Take That or anything.. allow me to link you to a video of exactly WHY they are epic.

This is their song "The Garden" from their live Tour. (My soul and Jennie's soul would both be sold in order to get the chance to go to one of their concerts.. and oh yes, my cat's soul.)


chemcat WATCH THIS VIDEO! being a fellow Take-That-ite, you'd appreciate it!

All stuff aside, I got my Harajuku Lover's G perfume.. FOR TEN BUCKS. Despite everything, I do have to admit that the day after Christmas shopping is nice even though in other ways it sucked being that I work for Walmart. (10 dollars for a perfume that normally costs 45 dollars. ROCK ON!
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