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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Give me the name of a series...

then tell me why you think I should watch/read it! I am looking for more stimulii (as if I didn't already have enough... :ahems:)

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It's not listed on your interestes and I can't remember if we talked about it already, but if you haven't Seen/Read Juuni Kokki... you need to. ANN Link.

It's an anime based off a set of novels (that kick effing ASS) and it's just.... awesome. The main character is a bit annoying but I don't read for her, LOL. Koyasu is so hawt UHF.

Hmm, you've already seen KokuMono... (mmmmm Shuuuei)

*blinks* Dude. You are totally awesome for having "hating vic mignogna" in your interests! Haha. I hate that man...

OH I KNOW. Nodame Cantabile. It's a manga about MUSIC! ANN Link. It was then made into an anime and Live Action Drama. The LA Drama was soooo awesome.

Have you seen Princess Tutu? Yeah, I totally suck and can't remember what we've talked about already.

Ahahaha yes, I've seen SaiMono, The Twelve Kingdoms, and I love Princess Tutu. *heh's* I mean I like Youko but not starting out, when the series first started, I got annoyed with her.. but now I just ship her and rat-boy together majorly. (they are my favorite pairing in that series.. or okay, one of them).

And funny thing, I was just thinking of how my sims version of Klaus sounded like Koyasu. >.>

Vic Mignogna is evil. *ahems*

Mm, yeah, now that I think about it I seem to remember us spazzing about Juuni Kokki at some point.

I definitely recommend Nodame Cantabile.

If you want a gorgeous tragedy, there's a manwha named princess. It's absolutely gorgeous even though all my favorite characters are either dead or mortally wounded.

Ignore me. I am dumb and really HAVE forgotten everything we've spazzed about.

Edited at 2009-12-23 02:21 pm (UTC)

Ahahaha yes I was begnning to say, but I will definitely check out the entire nodame cantabile, I have indeed heard good things about that anime/manga, trufax.

Sasameki Koto because it's cute
Aoi Hana because it's cute
Kampfer because it's... stupid? XD and amazing


Does it have to be anime\manga? Cause I've been reading books and I like the Reluctant Demon Diary Series by Linda Rios Brook. :3

I can't really speak for anime/manga, but...

Pushing Daisies, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Fringe, FlashForward, X-Files...these all have fun, adventure, well-written characters/storylines, and hot guys in them. I don't know what more you could want. :D

Have you read any of Keiko Takemiya's manga?

I absolutely adore To Terra, and I've read a little bit of her shonen ai one., though I haven't touched Andromeda yet.

Have you ever read/watched the Claymore series? It's pretty violent, but full of attractive female warriors who totally kick ass. And they all need to be lesbians for each other, because I say so.

I'm not sure what you've already seen, so I'll rec a bunch on the off-chance that you can pick at least 1 of them.

- Eureka 7. Science-fiction, but very original science-fiction. And it's not really about the machines or anything else sciencey as much as it is about the characters, who make up a really neat cast. The dub is excellent as well, so you can watch either language. Also the musical score for this rocks.

- Le Chevalier D'Eon. A historical fiction series (set in Paris, 1742). Most of the characters are based on real figures. The artwork is really nice, and because it's in part also a mystery series, you can't tell how things are going to end up.

- Speed Grapher. A crime fiction/supernatural series with a really nice, edgy atmosphere. This series has one of the best main 'villains' that I've seen in a long time, and an honest-to-god motive that makes actually makes sense.

- Toradora. If you feel like something a bit more funny/on the romance side, this is probably the single best romance slice-of-life high-school material series out there. The artwork is lovely, and the characters are unique and endearing but also very real.

- Wolf's Rain. A totally original overall plot concept, a fantastic bunch of characters, and truly excellent character interactions and group dynamics. Plus good music to boot, some decent artwork, and a really good dub.

I don't have any recommendations, since I think we've mostly seen/read the same things, but I am totally gonna stalk this post to get recommendations of my own. Fufufu...!

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