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One day I will realize that I can't actually make anyone in my section work harder no matter how hard I try. I will also remember that I am indeed carrying the workload of at least one jack-off during the course of the night. I will remember that all of the night management adores me and my work ethic and I will think that is enough.

God I wish the other reliable co-worker was there last night, would of made the six pallets of freight to be processed MUCH easier.

But at least the backroom.. it wasn't like a deleted scene from hell.

On a happier note, I just found out.. that certain episode of Macross Frontier.. episode 22 to be exact (where Alto and Sheryl kiss and she's in the kimono) Sheryl and Alto actually -do- it. I'm sorry to all you Ranka/Alto fans but they had sex, and no.. Alto wasn't raped.

:decorously waves my Team Fairy pennant:
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