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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So LJ thinks that I am a serial adder or something.. just because I'm trying to add all 300+ friends that I had previously. I guess that's funny, I mean I did the whole serial adding thing (cock_troll, yeah that was me back from the days when I was an over-inflated egoistic twat) but oh sad day, I guess I must wait to add sleepykelvina through zukkii

Psssst.. darknightrain was ass_troll (homg did I out you?)

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LOL you ARE a serial Adder...just in a good way...

I know.. it makes me sad, evidentally I have to wait a few hours to add more people. :tear*

lol It'll be okay!!! They'll still be there when you get to them!

Oh, my salad-days. I really was a punk, you know the stuff that I said then, I probably wouldn't of dreamt of saying now.. or perhaps I would say it now, just in a more veiled way. Gee I don't know. But I do remember having alot of fun when I did that.

Now LJ accountage presume? I need to read back on some of your entries here to find out why. XD;

Oh, I just felt like I wanted a change! That's it... there was no real purpose for the name change, aside from to get rid of my long list of 'friends of' that I've had for years upon years. It was a good way to get rid of that and start anew.

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