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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: He'll never guess it's my bleeding vagina :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Everyone is commanded to watch this!

I have a list of yay's.

Soren was born, so now we have another cute baby in the household. He's adorable

Praise the gods for a manly Cloud that [personal profile] shukoi plays.

You can never have too many Relm icons.

Pizza tonight!

This entry was short and concise? Well yes, it's been a long day. I was on the computer all night and with nothing to show for it except for a Klaus icon, a Relm icon and the link I've presented earlier in this entry.


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Oh god. I can't stop laughing!

Real tampon science!


Tampon science, it's amazing what you don't realize you are getting into when you graduate with that PHd in nuclear physics.

I want a glittering garlic-filled tampon.

Oh man, yeah.. it sure would cloak the smell that is for sure. (I'm sorry but the only thing I can think of is probably a bit too racy for my journal.. something like 'stuffed with garlic' and it sounds like french cuisine.)

(Deleted comment)
Yes, you must share! *hugs*

I hate twilight, but this made my day. XD

Thank you for sharing this. It just completely made my day! <3


I blame you for my almost pissing in my chair!

( I seem to have pee-themed comments for your journal today! Alas! I apologize! )

Good to see you on LJ again :)

LOL - Thank you so much for sharing that video! Utterly hilarious!

lol I almost spit out my drink.

Certainly had I had a drink, it would of definitely been spit out. >.>

"He's hungry for my period, fur real" grossssss. hahahaha I acutally dislike Twilight alot. I tried reading it but couldn't do it.

You know, I actually did listen to twilight on Audiobook and while the book wasn't entirely bad (sans the very bad writing skills which was horrid), there were still parts of it that just made me go "WTF" not to mention I didn't like the main couple whatsoever, neither Edward nor Bella was redeeming in my eyes. But I was rather glad that S.Meyer didn't write about my favorite characters in the book becaus I fear she would of fuked them up majorly and I couldn't stand that particular heartbreak.

I listened to it at work so I really wasn't wasting any time (though I guess I could of been listening to The Golden Compass on audiobook or something)

I haven't seen the movies either. I guess I'm like you. I find Bella and Edward to be very boring and without personality.

Oh yes, absolutely.. well really their personalities are constantly reflecting off each other, they are the sort of couple that can't do a single thing without the other (and yes, that's the type of couple I hate)

yeah I feel like I know their whole story from just watching the previews. This goes for all the twlight movies.

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