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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: This entry has been brought to you by TEH HOMOSEXUAL :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I unfortunately do not have an icon gayer then Cecil but be assured that when I post with this icon, whatever it is that I am going to blog about is going to be 100% homosexual! And oh boy it is.

It started with the fact that I kept getting yahoo news feeds about Adam Lambert's oh so shocking AMV performance. I mean the critics were really harsh and so okay, I don't normally follow American Idols, in fact I generally and purposely try not to because to me American Idols is really just very.. generic.. But I decided to download the album, y'know.. just to see if it was any good.

It is, my friends, the most homosexual album on the face of the planet. No seriously, it is. And "For Your Entertainment" must be the king of all homosexual songs. The line "I'm gonna ride you until you blow"? yeah, that gave me a few warm fuzzies inside. So yes, I really do like the album alot and most of it has been tagged for "my favorites" on my ipod.

I was giggling over the song all the way home from work where two muses were expressly fighting over who got to use the song. We had a winner but there was alot of really dirty fighting involved and loser went home to said lick his wounds. OH WELL.

It's a really great dirty song, it really is. Well worth that people's sensibilities were sacrificed in the making of the song. You know what, good on him. The world needs a little more homoeroticism.

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...I'm buying this album for my friend for Christmas.

I may have to pick up a copy for myself at a later date if it has lyrics like that. :D

Oh man, everything about this album screams homosexual love affair. Honestly, it's a wonderful album and I'm enjoying it muchly. Haven't enjoyed an artist since Gary Go (but that's obviously for different reasons)

Homosexual love affair, you say?

Hot damn!

I just looked up the album on wikipedia and lololol that cover is so gay. I love it.

Yes it is gay, very very gay. You will love it, I promise!

Do you know where I can download it?

I can zip it up and upload it for download, no problem!

Omfg thanks! :D

Just so I can know what it sounds like before I buy it.

LOL It was surprising what he did at the AMV's, i was not expecting it. But I have a friend who is ADAM crazy so i had to get the hands on a copy of the album and listen to. I happen to find that song deliciously dirty. :D

I didn't even get to see the AMA stuff until I was already humping Adam Lambert's leg in hopes he'd turn me awesomely gay or something. BUT... I did see it (sans EPIC KISS thing because the version I watched didn't have that, but I saw it later? rofl) and I didn't even know he had released an album? So obviously I frantically got my greedy little hands on it...

Luff the album. Luff luff. Only song I don't like? "Soaked" ... O.o I donno why.

But I could totally hump air all day long to "For Your Entertainment" and "Fever" .. XDD


I usually don't give a rip about AI.... but Adam? I lusts for heeem an' his gaaaay.

That's right, sugar... you just keep walkin' men on leashes across your stages and making out with your keyboard fellows and I will buy your albums forever.

Okay.. I would buy them anyway, but that isn't the point.. Rawr, those songs are so ... just Rawr. X3

I bled Adam!lust all over my journal. D=

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