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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Lala.. would you please stop raeping me:
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Well everyone, just a random note: When you're going down winding mountain roads and top speed and "Heaven's Bell" by Laruku comes on, it's probably not adviseable to pretend you're a gundam pilot. (but it sure was fun)

On an added note, I really like the concept of Vocaloid. I think I'm starting a steady collection of Miku pictures. It's a shame that Vocaloid doesn't have an anime, but I have a problem with concepts that have no anime beside it, because it's hard to get that little thread or tendril (but oh the pictures I've nabbed for future RP characters.. trufax)

Also, I'm thinking of doing an impromtu FST. So anyways Friend's List... I'm leaving this suggestion box here. So post any fandoms, characters or pairings that you'd like to see me do an FST of. And I'll pick the concept that really comes out to me.

Also, icon of Kobato. First ever icon I made on my new touch screen computer. It's really sexy.

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LOL just wanted to say - touch screen computer *drools* me wannnnntssssss

Oh man it is nice.. really it is. The thing only uses ONE plug. Sexiest thing I own. I want to constantly have sex in it.

;_; I want to have sex with one too!!! ;_; just that one plug... *sob*

Because I am biased, Anubituf x Guragief? XD;

Ahahaha, you know. I just may take you up on that.. it certainly make my Gura-love happy. *writes that at the top of the suggestion list*

You know it would definitely make me happy~ <3

I second the Anubituf x Guragief pairing. Mmmmm boy!

Don't worry, I promise that I've been trying to figure out this FST in my head! (there will be a much yummy Anubituf and Guragief Fst soonish *though I don't know*)

Thirding Anubituf x Guragief.
Also throwing out the idea of Mamina x Rodereamon.

Also, I lol'd and I have this funny feeling I would have been pretending that I were piloting some sort of mech; I don't know if it would have been a Gundam. Maybe a Simile or an EVA.

I would've been a Zoid pilot. ;_;

Zoids sounds like 'hemmroids" /shot

Well if I really wanted to be hardcore I would say I was piloting an omnigear (a'la Xenogears, my favorite video game ever) but being that the song was of Gundam, my mind went automatically to gundam.

You know which idea I'm behind, right?

X3 yay for driving madness!

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