Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I'm so tired and I don't know why it is caused. Like drop dead tired, I stumbled out of the bathtub and I went right back to sleep for ten minutes and still wanted to sleep some more. It's like something is just trying to eat away my energy and won't even let go. Perhaps it's just the fact that I took valerian root in combination with nyquil which is never a GOOD THING.

I'm a bit depressed because I realized I can try to have all kinds of conversations with Jennie however Todd is always going to move into the conversation with something that is relevant to him. Damn, I never interrupt his and Jennie's conversations they have of the past that was Before Me. I don't see why I cannot have the same courtesy. It's part and partial of why I left this morning from the hospital room to go back home.

And honestly I don't mind if Jennie talks to me about things, but honestly.. my patience with Todd is a lot lower then Jennie's patience with him and he does one thing and I am seeing red for miles upon miles afterwards.
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