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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

I had a really long rant planned out in my head about the indignancies of working in a place that expects you to perform miracles on a daily basis, I swear I left that place all raring to go. However by the time I got into the car, "Ain't No Sense in Love" by Take That came on, and honestly that song begs to be sung along with. By the time I got to the Phelps exit, I realized that I was lucky that I passed by another day and that hey at least I got paid for it.

10 pallets of softlines to work through, one person called in sick, the backroom looked a fright and there were no belts or room for hanging the processing. Still that I am even now coherant si something to be quite happy about, it just means I can go to sleep and not wake up angru with the entire world and my lot in life to repeat the whole thing again tonight (2,000+ piece truck = whut?)

I have also made the discovery that all people tasked to spend their time cashiering at Walmart must be hired in specifically for their idiocy/mental retardation. Let me give you a recap.

Cashier over the intercom: Associates from all areas, please come up to the front for your returns.
Me: *ambles up there and then once I get there I rummage through the softlines return cart to see what sort of goodies they've put in there*
Me: *to myself after a moment* Gee, these stickers and quilting squares and this SHAMPOO doesn't belong in my cart
Me: *chucks them into their respective carts.
Cashiers aka Voles: Whut R U THINK UR DOIN?
Me: Last time I checked, stickers, quilting squares and SHAMPOO didn't belong in softlines.
Cashiers: oh..... :durrrrrr:

Customers are no better.

Customer Service Manager: Toys you have a phone call on line two... (yesterday I worked in toys.. I whore myself around Walmart)
Me: Hello, this is toys speaking.
Customer: Do you have any Zhu Zhu pets in stock?
Me: No ma'am, we are wiped clean out of them.
Customer: Well -someone- told me that there was 75 on-hands.
Me: *silence for a moment* I do not know where you got that information from but how many on-hands we have isn't information we normally give out. And I'm halfway done with my toys pallet and I've not see any Zhu Zhu pets on it.
Customer: *long suffering SIGH* Would you PLEASE check.
Me: Hold on..
Me: *comes back* Ma'am.. we have no Zhu Zhu pets on today's truck.
Customer: WELL THANKS FOR NOTHING! *hangs up*
Me: Errrrrrrh.


Customer who could be flying a kite for how high he is: *holds up a bag of socks* Do you know if this will fit me?
Me: *takes the bag* Sir, may I inquire as to what size shoe you wear?
Customer who doesn't look like he's landing anytime soon: Men's.
Me: *totally polite* Thank you for the -helpful- information.

So tell me, why does it feel like I'm just totally surrounded by idiots?

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(Deleted comment)
You can be damned sure that I laughed my ass off once he was out of earshot, and then I shared the story with my co-workers who in turn laughed THEIR asses off.

Everything at Walmart that happens must surely be done for my amusement.

YOu need this http://notalwaysright.com/

It seems that bad customers and sometimes employees are in plethora..

(Deleted comment)
Well I know you feel me being that you worked at Walmart as well.

Indeed! The people who shop walmart regularly are not good people to deal with on a CS level lol

Oh GOODNESS.... you've made my week!!!!

Dead Snow is.... a DOCUMENTARY!!!! rotflmao

That seems like me and my customers on a daily basis, and the bit with the cashier. I get called up to the front for checks on items that are blatantly obvious in not being from my department and the cashier is all 'oh... lol :D' and I just want to scream at them for wasting my time. >.>

Woah o_O Maybe you are surrounded by idiots o_O

I deeply suspect Walmart just acts as a resonator attracting all kinds of stupid.

WHY, JUST YESTERDAY, Alexi and I were picking up some foods (because HOLYSHIT green vegetably food is expensive down here)
and an Associate inquires if I need help.
I reply that I'm just trying to find husbandboy.
He waits 3 seconds til there's 400 babies and their nasty families blocking the way, and replies, loudly, 'GOOD GIRL!'.

At which point I couldn't physically get to him in order to stuff his theoretical testicles down his throat.


Oh, Mississippi Walmarts, how classy you be.

Oh gods I know. Walmarts in the south tend to be classier then most, seriously.

Sweet crackercrusted Jesus, INORITE?
When the universe implodes, it will begin in a WalMart. Already all intelligent life has begun to rot from the inside out due to proximity. Soon, even the stupid will deteriorate.

I am SO glad I swanned off and never got around to fussing over getting my rightful post at the Gulfport branch. I would've hung myself within a month being around those people.
Eternal sympathies, I have them for you.

I feel so sorry that you had to deal with crappy personel and customers. D|

LOL just LOL - thank you so much for sharing those, I'm giggling so much that I'm starting to tear up, ah, people and idiots XD

In answer to your question...

Because no one has taken the time to castrate all of them but I'm working on it

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