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I had a really long rant planned out in my head about the indignancies of working in a place that expects you to perform miracles on a daily basis, I swear I left that place all raring to go. However by the time I got into the car, "Ain't No Sense in Love" by Take That came on, and honestly that song begs to be sung along with. By the time I got to the Phelps exit, I realized that I was lucky that I passed by another day and that hey at least I got paid for it.

10 pallets of softlines to work through, one person called in sick, the backroom looked a fright and there were no belts or room for hanging the processing. Still that I am even now coherant si something to be quite happy about, it just means I can go to sleep and not wake up angru with the entire world and my lot in life to repeat the whole thing again tonight (2,000+ piece truck = whut?)

I have also made the discovery that all people tasked to spend their time cashiering at Walmart must be hired in specifically for their idiocy/mental retardation. Let me give you a recap.

Cashier over the intercom: Associates from all areas, please come up to the front for your returns.
Me: *ambles up there and then once I get there I rummage through the softlines return cart to see what sort of goodies they've put in there*
Me: *to myself after a moment* Gee, these stickers and quilting squares and this SHAMPOO doesn't belong in my cart
Me: *chucks them into their respective carts.
Cashiers aka Voles: Whut R U THINK UR DOIN?
Me: Last time I checked, stickers, quilting squares and SHAMPOO didn't belong in softlines.
Cashiers: oh..... :durrrrrr:

Customers are no better.

Customer Service Manager: Toys you have a phone call on line two... (yesterday I worked in toys.. I whore myself around Walmart)
Me: Hello, this is toys speaking.
Customer: Do you have any Zhu Zhu pets in stock?
Me: No ma'am, we are wiped clean out of them.
Customer: Well -someone- told me that there was 75 on-hands.
Me: *silence for a moment* I do not know where you got that information from but how many on-hands we have isn't information we normally give out. And I'm halfway done with my toys pallet and I've not see any Zhu Zhu pets on it.
Customer: *long suffering SIGH* Would you PLEASE check.
Me: Hold on..
Me: *comes back* Ma'am.. we have no Zhu Zhu pets on today's truck.
Customer: WELL THANKS FOR NOTHING! *hangs up*
Me: Errrrrrrh.


Customer who could be flying a kite for how high he is: *holds up a bag of socks* Do you know if this will fit me?
Me: *takes the bag* Sir, may I inquire as to what size shoe you wear?
Customer who doesn't look like he's landing anytime soon: Men's.
Me: *totally polite* Thank you for the -helpful- information.

So tell me, why does it feel like I'm just totally surrounded by idiots?
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