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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

It's great when you can order a pizza from your computer and not have to have any interaction aside from meeting the deliveryman at the door. It really supports that Hikimori shut-in lifestyle, you know. You can watch movies (netflix) without having to deal with that pesky rental place and all sorts of other stuff. Soon you're going to be able to get gas from the comfort of your own home (or maybe not.. if Zoolander has taught us a lesson about the safety of gasoline)

But yes, pizza. I shall have pizza for leftovers and thus have the jealousy of Jimmy at work (since he loves pizza). AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I should also maybe think about calling Sharon.

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thank god I'm not the only one who does that ;3;
I always tend to get sucked into the guys voice on the phone, so it's very awkard XD;

CECIL! (sorry, couldn't control myself >.>

Ordering pizza online is FUN!


and so much easier ;3;
no more hassels

(Deleted comment)
I couldn't be a hikimori, I do love people, however if I shut myself in my room for a fwe days at a time, I think that wuold be acceptable. >.>

What's even better is... when someone else orders the pizza through the internet, thus paying for it with their own money, and you do nothing but supply some information to them via AIM.. and the delivery guy shows up. You don't even have to speak... you just hold out your hand, and he walks away. No paying. No nothing. Eat the pizza. Enjoy it, you bastard, because it's fucking delicious!

Hermits need pizza too. THE INTERNET HAS GROWN TO EPIC PROPORTIONS and it is neat.

On a side note, I would kill for an extra mushroom, extra cheese and extra black olive pizza. Perhaps with breadsticks. Stuffed crust would make it doubly better. I can hear my arteries clogging. But it's so effing good in the meantime.

Mang, I love love love love love love LOVE stuffed crust. Mmm and garlic. I am such a garlic-fag. -_-

INORITE?! I thought I was like the only one super horny for stuffed-crust! Mwwwaaaaahhh it's so delicious. I think that after I move to Maine, that's going to be the first effing pizza I get. Celebration pizza. Stuffed-crust pizza with all my favourite toppings... and Buttery Garlic dipping sauce! omigosh. Garlic. XD ♥ !!!

No -_- faces! Garlic is nummy. >.> Especially like.. buttery garlic...

... >.>;; it's a wonder I don't weigh 1,000 lbs or something.

Not sure how netflix works, but




and "movie25" (google will give you the page, I don't have the link) all give you loads upon loads of movies (plenty of them are either showing or on ppv right now) for FREE!!

When we have the nets Nico & I don't let go of those, cause honestly most of them get dvd quality within a month or so of being released for the theaters. Some, even while they're still showing.

All servers are set either on the Netherlands or Romania, checked and re-checked, so no worries about any annoying law thingies.

There is also "asian horror movies" that has exactly that, btw.

can't edit posts anymore lol so double posting it is)

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