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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Why Swallow Cum?

This lists all of the reasons why you should swallow and not spit. Of course I am a lesbian and have no need to swallow (and you couldn't pay me enough money in the world) but I was amused if only for the muses sake. I do not have a male muse in my box who does NOT swallow (yummy yummy in the tummy *shot due to mental images*)

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It's Polite


Yeah, I find it polite for my boyfriend to not shoot his wad down my throat!

I have swallowed in the past and I just can't take it. Blech.

IT IS PRETTY GROSS. (I don't know, I think that they're just reaching for ways to make it alright, this probably was authored by a man.. but still LOL)

(Deleted comment)
Sometimes it's amusing to see just how much I can scar my friend's list. -_- I'm mean, I know.

Well...being bisexual, I have a more immediate take on the whole come thing. As long as he takes care of himself, it's bot so bad. *shrugs*

that said, this list of coercions KILLS me. WTF, guys? Do you really think that you're going to convince your girl to swallow because it's environmentally friendly?

And you idiots left out: Because guys think it's HOT! *durr*

Which, of course, is the only real reason they have.

Thanks for the trauma upon waking up! *grins*

Oh any time, any time! I live to serve my friend's list. *heh's*

Oh GROSS. Body fluids/germ-y things of any sort squick me out so bad.

No worries, you're not alone there.

The "environmentally friendly" bit made me break out my D: face. Wow, that article is... special.

Yeah I know, isn't it. Once again, I think it's written by men. *coughs*

I must be beyond redemption because I looked at this, went "HA!" and then went on to do homework.

I've read that it can actually taste different depending on what a guy eats/how healthy he is, but I dunno if it's true.

With such valid arguments, the author of this shit should try to become a politician, don't you think? (sorry my english is bad, I'm half-asleep ;P)

To quote my husband: "This was written either by a man, or a porn star."

I'm inclined to believe it's BOTH.

LOL - I can't believe someone wrote up a website dedicated to this topic - may I ask how you came across it? Thanks for sharing it, it's going to keep me laughing for the rest of the day XD

Funny enough I was searching Delicious. It's an awesome site for random things like that, because people save links of the STRANGEST THINGS!

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