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Oh my god people (or as Pinoko would say "OH MAI GEWD!") I'm not dead! At least not yet.. I just wanted to make a quick post in my journal to tell people that much. Nothing much happening, I am still getting used to the new job, I've been uber busy and burrowing myself in readingz. Not to mention watching a few episodes of Lucky Star with Shu whenever.

No new fandoms to squee over, I've recently gotten into the singer Gary Go though, he's intensely awesome, I've no words for just how wonderful he is. There is Dissidia of course of which I am a major Cloud/Firion shipper, that's about it.

SO EVERYONE WHO IS WATCHING THE NEW ANIMU SEASON, HOW IS IT? IS THERE ANY SERIES OUT THERE WORTH GIVING A CHECK OUT? (aside from Kobato which is definitely on my TO SEE list... because it's Clamp and it's cute magical shoujo girl shit, which I has a sekrit fondness for.

Which reminds me again, I HAS FACEBOOK. So if you has facebook to and don't mind having net people on it, why don't you give me an add at jyuufish@yahoo.com.. I'll generally add you back if you add me (and vice versa) and I do have some internet denizens on my flist. (Like Kat, Michelle and Relm!)

one day I will has an icon of Firion.

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