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Just a random observation that the laundromat seems to smell like tech school to me (and by tech school I mean military tech school.) Oh yes, I also have a job offer pending. It's not ideal but honestly I am just looking to get up there. It worries me a little though with all of the stuff that Jennie told me about the state of moving up there. I wonder if I'm going to be able to pull my weight, I don't know and it's a bit worrying.

I suppose I have no room to worry about that right now.. I just need to concentrate on what I need to concentrate on.

I was going to go over to Jeff's to do laundry but somehow I couldn't get to sleep and so I decided that perhaps it was better if I just do it now and then sleep until nine. Really my hair is washed and everything.

Oh yes, also. Lala attacked my bed so unfortunately I may have to sleep on the floor. I don't know what it was but she got really spastic.. and clawed at the bed. I of course was very angry and I tried to patch it up but it really wasn't working. Here's hoping though that I'll be able to sleep on the mattress the way it is because I really can't afford to buy another one.

I'm so congested and I'm so tired. *thuds*
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