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: Oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood :

My 1st Walmart Boyfriend is leaving.   This makes me sad since he's the Mark Owen look-a-like.    I have been lavishing him with candybars and all sorts of things, like promises of hot sweet nookie in the dressing room.   Now to clarify, I'm very much a lesbian.  But in Walmart I have what is called a harem.. comprised of 7 boys and 1 girl.   It is because inherently I have a very flirty nature and I like attention.   I've capped it at 7 so there's a waiting list (and Mikey told me to give him a call when #7 opens up.)    It makes the night rather fun, though last night was a little bit better and myself and Sharon actually got things done, no one was pulled up for people greeter and OMG I got trained on the register by CSM Mikey.

Other news of note.

1.)  I'm stuck here in the Sault until I get a transfer.   It sucks, I know.. but oh well.   I stay because the possibility that I won't find a job in Kentucky probably exists, better to go into a job that is pre-existing.  There's no guarentee that I could walk into a job in Kentucky if I quit, so I'm staying with the job I -have- until one opens up in Kentucky.

2.)  I finally have an extension for my ipod in my car.  There was much music-age!

3.)  Morrissey is hilarious.

4.)  They have breaded okra at the Super Walmart.  This pleases me beyond measure (since that is my favorite food.. coupled with thousand island dressing.  Yum yum, one of those things that haven't changed since my childhood.)   I don't like the breaded okra that comes in bags (though I never complain if it's made since it's the thought that counts and I recognize it) because it falls apart, the perfect breaded okra are the only ones that I think is restaurant grade.

5.)  I really want Robbie William's album "Swing while your Winning" since I think his voice is really suited to classic songs. *listening to his rendition of "Delovely" which is really nice*

6.)  I had a dream about Black Jack, which was really nifty.   He was fighting ogres, I remember this clearly.   Though there was one that needed an operation.   Hey, if anyone can do Ogre surgeries, it's Black Jack.

7.)  I caved and got Sims 3 so hence tradition, I made Sigurd and Hyuga sims.   Hyuga is like a step closer to being a Super International Spy while Sigurd is on the rock star track.   Hyuga wants a baby too, but I promised that once he gets Super International Spy, then he can have all the babies he wants.   I have plans to make a Locke Cole sim, because I think that it'd be fun to have him be a Friendly Klepto. (Shukoi just needs to make Rachel for him is all, so she might want to think of that while she's in Kentucky)


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