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We open the Super Walmart tomorrow. I'm going to be in there putting the final tweaking touches on it. Really it's very exciting, despite the opening ceremony where the managers pretty much use it to fap to how wonderful they are (with the exception of the nightshift managers because honestly, WAY MORE HUMBLE). Despite the fact that management will be management, it's really awesome to think of the wonderful job all of us 'peons' did. We got that place shit-hot and looking good and I would like to (on behalf of the nightshift) take 100 percent of that credit, however I'm sure that Dayshift did maybe 10 percent of it. No matter, we still did a large portion of it.

There's a certain pride that one takes when they realize that yes, they can sort of make a difference especially when you are building something from the ground up. It was an invaluable expirience for me, remiscient of my time in the military when I got to help building from the ground up a base in the middle of Qatar. You might think that 'oh, it's just a store.. and that was a military base'. But there was more people there building up the military base, not to mention that it was never as polished and as refined as this store LOOKS.

The military base was rough.. but we'd polish it with use. This was a diamond that started off as a lump of coal and we had to polish it just so that it would be ready for eventual display.

Is it polished? Yeah, I think it is.

That's been my random musing on work.

And now for a feel good Take That Video.

The above video looks better on High Definition.

Which reminds me, another happy bit of note. They filmed Take That "The Circus" Tour and I don't know when it's coming out, but it WILL be coming out and you can guess who is going to buy that. (No, I bet you guys can't guess)
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