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I has an icon!  NO REALLY I DO!   And guess what.  IT IS NEW..  I opened up my paintshop today and was like, "I am GOING TO MAKE AN ICON".  This is the first icon that sort of came to me.    And of course the words at the very end are "From Eberback with Love".  Because we all know that Klaus uses a gun to show the depths of his emotion, amirite? (particularly to Dorien Red Gloria).  -I am sure that whenever Klaus uses a gun, it is love-

And because sometimes the twin star needs something special done for her.


To match my Klaus icon.  Well there you go.

Klaus now has a favorite song, it's "How I Cound Just Kill a Man" by Charlotte Sometimes.   Because evidentally anything with the words 'kill' in it is automatically the win with him.

Tags: did i mention teh gay, gay gay gay gay gay gay gay!, i steel ur tank!
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