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After ordering the next couple of volumes of "From Eroica with Love" on sunday. (okay not just the next couple but ALL), I went outside to get some food for work tonight, and what was there but an Amazon box.   Granted I thought it was Jennie's so I was prepared to take it in to her when then I read my name, "Nia Westphal" on it. 

I kid you not, I ripped into that box faster then light.  

Lo and behold.  volumes 3 - 5 of EROICA.   Another dose of fabulous for me!   Oh this warms the cockles of my heart!

Let us see how Eroica manages to piss off the Major in THESE volumes!  Har har har.
Tags: did i mention teh gay, gay gay gay gay gay gay gay!, i steel ur tank!
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