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: Defriending sometimes is quite alright :

Okay everyone.  I'm mainly addressing this post to my f-list here on LJ since I realize that we aren't all that close and I realize that I don't even KNOW alot of you.  There are some names that I know, and people who comment who I actually have things I associate with them because they have commented and we've had that repartee back and forth.

But there are alot of you out there that I DO NOT KNOW.

First of all I am saying that if you are reading this entry and you are going, "Who the hell is Hyujin and what the hell is she saying".  Well I just wanted to say that if you just randomly decided to delete me, then go right ahead.  No hard feelings.  Even if you do know me and you feel like we have nothing in common, then delete me as well.   No hard feelings once again reiterated.

But if I don't know you and you do want to stay around, give me some facts about you.   I want to know about YOU!  Do you have a particularly favorite rare pairing, what is your favorite band?  Well really whatever you want to give me.  Just give me a little glimmer as to WHO YOU ARE, give me something to associate you with, perhaps we can get some conversations going and figure each other out.  Who knows!

And I'll start it out a little bit.
  • My name is Nia or Jyuu.  Most people call me Jyuu.. just some nickname that I've appended myself with over something that I've RPed with my best friend, involving Shunsui and Ukitake.  (Jyuukoi is the net nickname I go by).  I've also been known as Hyu.. but that's just really old and I don't feel like it precisely fits me anymore.)
  • I work at a company that is notorious around the US (I don't really want to say the W name because you can get into a lot of trouble over blogs, not like I've ever had a expirience that was even similar to all of those horror stories I've heard)
  • I have a cat named Lala that I rescued.  I love her to death, I can be completely assured that she is the cat made solely for me... she's curled up on my lap right now and purring like crazy.
  • I live in the Frozen North, the last exit just before Canada. (though not for long)
  • I have a 'guys with one eye fucked up' fetish.   Neil Dylandy, Sigurd Harcourt, Leo Vaida and Andre Grandier.  Bonus points if they wear an eyepatch, though in Andre's case, his lock of hair over one eye will suffice.
  • I am an older anime/manga fan, though I still feel perfectly young..  there are certain things that will just always keep one young at heart.
  • My first video game crush was Setzer Gabbiani from FFVI.  Followed by Magus Zeal from ChronoTrigger.
  • Currrent interests are Take That and old school 70's manga (Rose of Versailles, From Eroica with Love and Black Jack.)
Well there you go.  A little bit about me.   So tell me about -YOU-?

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