Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: Rose of Versailles! :

As far as Rose of Versailles go, I am now an official Oscar/Andre fan. Especially when Andre was like "Oscar, you may seem made of ice, but you have a heart of burning fire" and then he added on "And that's the part of you that I love". And I swear my heart just melted completely in regards to that. But that being said, my mind on the pairings have been made up, I am an Oscar/Andre fangirl just because it's just entirely too sweet for words (and I have a feeling that the end is going to make me cry in that regards, I mean it's an anime about the french revolution.. of course it's gonna make me cry, because we all know how that ends.)
Tags: :tear!:, it's like buttsecks.. but not, revolutionary girl oscar
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