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~I Should of Known~

Well how is married life? Well I like it and I have gotten over my initial bitch stage. Yes, I was very mean to Alexi for the past month however it is hard to adjust to a complete loss of privacy. But now I feel more at ease (Could it be that the sun is moving into Virgo?) I think maybe so.) But anyways right now I am sitting at my computer, burning anime.. yes a friend came to visit.. he has over 250 gbs of anime on his computer.. and another friend burned it ALL... Right now I got His and Her Circumstances, Himikoden, Infinity Ryvins, and Kaze Mukase Tsukikage Ran. With ALOT more to burn.. Nia work!

My lack of RPage has really been a godsend, it has allowed me to focus on my writing. As much as I love RP, it stifled my creavity when it came to pen and paper.. but now, I have that back and I don't think I would give that up for the world.

I have also been led to believe another thing... Grape Juice is conducive to creativity.. *snickers*
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