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: watching - Rose of Versailles :

I have watched the first two episodes of RoV (sorry about not responding back to alot of comments, however when I woke up from my nap tonight.. I was just really groggy and couldn't form coherant sentances. However, watching this series makes me realize that I really do like strong females. I mean girls that just deliever a whole lot of asskicking and wield the whole "I can do things just as good as a man!". This being brought up because I really really love Oscar.

I am not sure about Marie-Antoinette though, I am more inclined toward Oscar/Andre because that scene in the first episode where Oscar and Andre are just gong to fisticuffs really made me go 'awww how cute, they must love each other'. <-- that is because I have a screwed up sense of heterosexual romance. This may very well be though because I'm a lesbian and I demand that my women are strong.








But hey, at least it's not vampires. There is something to be said for small mercies.
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