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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Jyuu's Post of Awesome, Cute and sometimes vaugely Disturbing!

Toys that Shouldn't Exist - Just looking at these toys will probably mentally scar you for life. (this ranks right up there with top ten cartoons YOU SHOULD NOT SHOW YOUR CHILDREN). This link right here leads to unintentional porn and thereby is probably :highly: NSFW.

The many hairstyles of Sephiroth - {picture link} I definitely have a favorite one, it's probably the one that everyone thinks it is because I am very predictable. (handlebars! :shot:)

The first AMV I ever watched. - For all of you that have not seen it, it is a truly masterful amv and probably will always remain one of my favorite amvs ever. I mean, combine Mindless Self Indulgence with Pokemon and you get WIN! every time.

Another favorite AMV - This is when you combine Card Captor Sakura's Touya Kinomoto and Mindless Self Indulgence. It's made of almost equal win. (Can you tell that I like this song?). This amv artist also did an equally good Yukito/Touya amv that is fairly strong. I'm very hard on AMVs and so it's very rare when I see one that is really awesome, but when I do, it gets immediately favorited. (damn AMVs aren't what they used to be)

For those of you who like the song on the AMVs but don't have it... here it is. Bitches love me cause they know that I can ROCK!

When it comes down to it, I am very hard on fan made videos. It's just how I am.

Gallery of Japanese Love Hotels. - Seriously, I do want to stay in one of those, I think I am especially coveting the HELLO KITTY BONDAGE ROOM. Hello Kitty? Bondage? Combine.. PROFIT?!

And now the section where I showcase icons that I think are pretty fucking marvelous!

- Animated by perotine (livejournal) text and such by th3newblack (also livejournal). It's not funny really funny if you don't know what song it's being referred to, so if you're not quite certain then look up "Sailor Song" by the group Toybox. It makes much more sense when you listen to that.

- It sort of reminds me of the 'go away' icon I made for Shu, I think that Kain is ultimately the anti-stupid people person, I'm sure he jumps on stupid people.. as a matter of principle. -made by laicons (livejournal)-

- The Cecil/Kain shipper in me eats this all up. -Made by shanaqui (livejournal)-


I've of course enclosed credit if anyone wants at those icons, please please please credit if you like it as they are not my icons but other people's.. just other people's that I've found amusing.

Well time to wrap it up. Stay tuned next week for another fun amusing link-a-round.

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That FFXII icon wins teh internet. I CAN RELATE. And they look so innocent. XD

Indeed! I mean the first time I encountered one (which I am sure it was with everybody), I was like "ooh pretty ball of light and it's coming my way. Let's see if it wants to be my friend" and then sadly after that first encounter, I realized that all balls of glowy aren't necessarily 'nice'. Run for the hills, definitely.

Okay that Last icon TOTALLY CRACKED ME UP.

YAH, I KNOW. (oh FFXII.. more crack then one gives it credit for.)

LOL they all killed me. I love the last icon XDDDD GET IN THE VAN.

HAHAHAAHAHA on the entite icon. lmao

I think my favorite thing was the vending machine with vibrators. Either that, or the sex chair.

Hello Kitty? Bondage? Combine.. PROFIT?!


Anee-chan, you've just given me more incentive to re-watch CCS. I totally forgot Toya was one of my favorite characters until I watched that AMV.

Like everyone else, I like the last icon best. I high-tailed it out of the field entirely if there was a single Entite around.

Oh god. That last one.

*has horrid flashback of running like hell from every elemental I saw*

Yeah, that was never a good thing when you saw one of those. And they seemed to always gravitate toward you.. which I guess was a good thing. >.>

I am glad you appreciate the icon XD I came up with the text, perotine just animated it for me. Toybox is essentially gold, so. Can't go wrong there.

Yeah! I know, I saw that icon and I just had to feature it, and I was wondering what to sort of showcase in my links list tonight. I can definitely credit you as well. It's awesome, considering that song is definitely gold. It is evident that Setzer, Locke and Edgar must run away and become pirates now, that would be awesome and made of win. Truly MASTERFUL!

XDDDDD So much lollin' at the Entite. destry and I agree, those things are the death of everyone who plays FFXII. It's like, "Oh, that thing is so beautiful! It couldn't hurt me so badly," and then BAM! MAH LIGHT, MOTHAFUCKA, DO YOU HAS IT?


I love this post. It's so much crack and in such a good way! ^_^

Yeah, the first time I ran into one of those things, let me tell you Basch's ass was HURTING after that one because he got raeped so hard by that damn thing. BUT IT WAS ALL PRETTY AND GLOWY!

Ahahahahah - THOSE TOYS!!! XD

We actually have one of those dinosaurs that roar when you pull their thingymijig... my children can never understand why I giggle whenever I pull at it ... when they grow up they will blame me FOR SO MUCH STUFF on the shrink couch!!! ^^;;.

ohohoho, but you know.. at least you are a FUN MOM! That is all that matters, right?

I love the Final Fantasy icons! And I too can relate to the FFXII one. Brings back bad memories. :(

LOL - thanks for the links! XD loved the crazy toys and the love hotels... Hello Kitty in that context = creepy...

Subway room and the library was amusing XD

The love hotels are my favorite, I am certain that when myself and girlfriend go to japan, we are going to be staying at a love hotel. Boom chika wah wah! (And we'll try to sneak a porn vending machine home too for good measure)

LOL - I wouldn't mind going to a love hotel myself XD

If you don't mind me asking, do you have any particularly themed room in mind?

Oh hello kitty bondage room. I think though that's just the novelty of it, because ruining childhoods is something that makes me snicker. I mean I saw a picture of this room that was set up like an aquarium which was pretty awesome, but the hello kitty bondage room all the way.

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