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: How Work Went... :

Every muscle in my body aches from work last night.  I got called in two hours early.   What was I doing?  Cleaning the new store.  OH BOY, it's a far cry from the old store, it's at least 3 times bigger and there are so. many. coolers.   Yes that's what I was doing, cleaning, however also.  The new store's softlines is smaller, infinitely smaller.  I was amazed at how small the women's section is.  I did hear that when a store goes super center, all areas sort of downsize.    Maybe it looked small though  because there were no clothing hanging on the rack.  All shelves were empty, which means that when everyone comes in for stocking, it's going to be amazing seeing how the store fills.  This also means that I will be seeing something come from nothing which will be an awesome thing I think.

Cindy was just as intolerable as usual.  Basically since I was the only listening ear there, she bitched and moaned about how bad life was and gave me a lecture on how I wasn't a real women because I didn't want children.  Bitch, please.    Unlike some people I do not have to verify my life by how many small beings I can pop out of my cooter (I can't believe I just said that.. :smacks head:).   But anyways, there was also a small scufffle about my real name which she heard Jeannie call me by, and then I took her aside and went, "If you are not a.) my parents or b.) my boss, then I strongly suggest you do not call me ______."  and then came the response, "well I thought that was the one that you preferred" and I was like "No.. everyone in the store calls me by my preferred name, and since you are neither my parents or the one directly above me, then it is good enough for you to use."  and then I walked out.  

Woot for power of intimidation, and mark my ways she was intimidated.  Well I'm not going to let Cindy shove me around and think that she can say anything to me, that's not my style.   Not with people that I don't like.   Generally with people that I like, I'm too much of a pushover, but people I don't like.. they get no quarter from me.    

And whatever, if I'm less of a woman because I choose not to propagate the earth, well then so be it.. if that is a woman's only role in life, then I thoroughly reject it.  People like Cindy can bite me.

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