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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Random Take Thattery and stuff About Work :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I get to go over to the new store tonight!  Albeit it's a bit early but it's also very exciting because I'll get to see the inside of this wonder.   It also means I will be working with Cindy who is my most unfavorite person ever.  But you know, I can ignore her and as long as she doesn't pull the shit she did on friday night, I will be quite alright.  I mean god damn it, can someone be even more annoying then she is?  Oh wait, Charles. *for people who don't know who Charles is, be very glad for he was batshit insane and I'm damn glad that he's not on night shift anymore.. -he got fired due to the crazy-*

I tried scouring youtube for videos of the TT concert.  However they were all crappy and probably taken by dumbnut fangirls who are singing along with them and obscuring their voices and jumping up and down so that the guys are really a blur on the stage.   Not worth my time at all (one day Take That.. I will go to England and see you since you refuse to come here to the US.).  

Which reminds me, my Walmart husband, Johnny broke up with me saturday night.  Found another waifu, that's alright though because he told me that we'll always have something special, and then he gave me that cute little wink and I told him that his new waifu better treat him right or else I'll beat her up.  Then he held his hand to his heart and was like "that is why I married you in the first place", evidentally it is because I beat up girls.. or something, I'm not certain.    Sharon called me a whore  but I told her that it was only because Johnny looks like Mark Owen.   I told Johnny that he proabably wasn't girl enough for me anyways.  Luckily Denise offered to let me grope her breasts. (it's nice to know that I have a backup.)

My work is crazy, you'd think it wouldn't be.  But it seriously is.   James and I are going to start a cult, we are going to put newbies through bizarre initiation rituals like drinking fresca while standing on one foot... oh yes and giving us money because we're awesome.


I have so much that I have to do this weekend.   I have to start on my journal theme.  Luckily I don't have to think of songs to use because I have them all written down.

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, you know.. I sometimes think that alot of manga/anime fangirls are retarded, but then all I have to do is look at any pop culture fangirls and then assess that fangirls can be retarded in whatever fandom that they inhabit.

Cults are fun! I'm pulling for purple robes with sparkles in them... but James may think they are too 'gay'.

(Deleted comment)
Usually I don't care what James thinks, but he sort of has to wear them and he isn't gay. Pink might be an option of course.. thanks for suggesting that, I'll run that by him!

I hope you have fun at the new store! And yeah, fangirls of all types are really dumb. But I used to be one, so I can't say too much...I'll just roll my eyes instead.

Oh it was fun, if a bit long. What did I do all evening.. nothing more then CLEAN! Oh boy. I sure am tired though.

And yeah, I know I was a shitty fangirl, I wrote really bad Duran Duran slash, I know what that is. However because I did such things, I can offer the advice that they will grow past that. (or not, there are some fangirls that never get better. -_-)


Cleaning is exhausting. -_-

Yeah, I used to write crappy fanfiction and self-inserts; thankfully I grew out of one and the other was never on the internet, so it's all good. I'd like to think I'm a lot better.

I'M DOING GOOD, ALTHOUGH I'M A BIT BUMMED. The weather's making my head hurt and the job hunt is going poorly. My mom's paying me to be the maid right now, so I'm making some money, at least

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