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As much as I don't like Gaia normally (being that I think that alot of people on gaia are asshats).  I actually logged onto gaia for a bit, and of course they have their battle system up.

It's more fun then I expected.   And surprisingly lag free.. but this may just be because it's 4:30 in the morning.   But yes, very simple to manuever, uncrowded and all those things.  I don't know though, it's interesting and the background music is pretty nice.   If ever I log onto gaia, forget the boards, I'm playing this.

You know, it's probably super lagged in the day when I think about it.  But the ring system is definitely sorta intriquing because you get your pick of alot of different rings.  I played as Jyuukoi for a bit and got a heavy water balloon ring.

Anyways that's my random update, I need to force myself to go to bed now.

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