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: Princess Tutu - A Review :

So I finally finished Princess Tutu. The best time to review a series when it's still fresh in your mind. I know that alot of people take an objective approach where they've calmed down on the emotions, but likewise I think that is the time TO review a series, when it's just right there in your heart.

Princess Tutu is an EXCELLENT series. If one looked at the art outright, the first reaction would be that it is just some silly shoujo story sort of like sailor moon, except involving ballet and fairy tales. Comparing it to Utena would be a FAR more apt comparison actually because of the fact that there is so much symbolism in the series. That being said, I wouldn't compare it to Sailor Moon at all, sure there's a transformation sequence and yes it's a magical girl story, but it's so much more then that because in essence despite the title, Princess Tutu is not the main character, she is merely the catalyst through which all of the other characters flow and make their decisions.

Watching the first six episodes, you are like "ahahah ballet-fu" but then you get into the meat of the story (and that you don't even reach until episode 13 to which the story starts going into akt's. Then the true story begins in which you realize that was just a false end (sure you could stop watching the series right there and it would be fine, but if you start the next season, you can't accept that ending ever again.

The characters are phenomenal and not at all how they are painted initially. What you see is just the surface for all the characters, toward the end they are painted in such a multitude of shades and have actual depths that to me it was almost impossible to stick with certain preconcieved notions, they become better.. they become stronger because they've been through that darkness.

My view on the pairings have changed a bit (not too much though). I still like Mythos/Fakir, but I've been moved to actually appreciate Ahiru/Fakir and Mythos/Rue.. and you feel as if the story didn't really deal any of the characters wrong whatsoever, that in the end that they each got what they needed. (I still wave my Mythos/Fakir flag though.. proudly.) That being said, if you are a person who likes heterosexual pairings, then this series you'll probably like.. but there is subtext that I feel exists for Mythos/Fakir. It's a strong series that I think every person should watch regardless of what side of the boat that they lean toward.

Yes, this is the part where Beth dies...

As far as spoilers go, the one that I mainly wanted to touch upon was Fakir.  I think that as far as characters went, he underwent the most major transformation.   He went from the knight who couldn't save anyone to essentially.. well god.    He ended up writing the stories.   Sure he had his particularly assholish moments, and at the beginning of the series you are like 'oh god, Fakir, what the hell'  But then you just realize that there was a reason for all of what he did.   And while he was ready to accept his fate of being twain in two, he ended up undergoing that personal transformation, he took charge.. certainly not of his destiny, but his own.    In a way he was Drosselmeyer's insert, an expression of Drosselmeyer's helplessness.   I really loved the end when Fakir just writes.  When the music accompanies the flow of his quill pen and it's just so very.. the word that I can describe it is.. well simply EPIC.   And if you like epic, then you'll love Princess Tutu.

So when it comes down to that, I was really happy with Princess Tutu, the end was fitting and it left you feeling a bit sad, but still satisfied that the story had ended exactly as it should.   And honestly, it wasn't so much a feeling of ending as it was conclusion.  For it was obvious that the characters went on even after the end.

Now what should I watch now?   I am thinking Black Jack.  
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