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: Tuesday Breakfast REANIMATE! :


My tuesday morning breakfast club somehow disbanded within the last couple of months, I think it was because the person who was -really- gung-ho about it had to take medical leave. So everyone else has been like 'you wanna go to breakfast' and the general response has been 'ehhh..' because the same things really happen; it is mentioned that the only meat I like is breakfast meat, we almost always mention the girl and the carebear with a strap-on and then there are a few other inside jokes. It's just the same.

We're probably going to do it this morning because really all that Jeff has been able to talk about is 'tuesday morning conversation' (which really isn't just tuesday anymore.. we talk tuesday morning -all- the time.. nothing new) and 'breakfast'. However I don't think I can manage breakfast anymore except as an occasional thing. I think though it's because Bruce is gone, he made breakfast. Not to mention that Matt really can't attend because his day's off do not run parallel to mine.

Tuesday morning breakfasts have quite simply gone old hat. Oh well, I suppose that it happens.

In a few weeks we move into the new store, that could be potentially awesome, it could also be potentially boring considering that I think the no-ipod law goes into effect then. (Oh what will I do without listening to the various podcasts that I subscribe too. Oh I know, listen to them at home. I will never listen to real music ever again.. except for Take That music, I forsee this now)

ZEHAVIT GOT ME LISTENING TO THE PHOENIX WRIGHT TAKARAZUKA SHOW (or at least snippets). Edgeworth, he's hot. (and I don't feel as if my lesbianism is threatened.. oh wait, when do I ever.. preferring girls never stopped me from appreciating the hot anime/manga guys that wander all over the place.)

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