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First of all, thank you everyone for the subjects that you gave out to me. I put it in my green notebook (all of them) and I will talk about them in length when I get the urge to do so. (so many awesome topics, seriously).

However I found a better way of falling asleep in the morning, now certainly it doesn't compare with wanking but it's almost just as good. I plug my ipod into my ipod clock radio, and then I put it on sleep, I close my eyes and then I just focus on the drums part of the song. You manage to hypnotize yourself with the rhythem, it's truly quite masterful. I fell asleep and I didn't wake up until 4.

Which also reminds me, I've been sleeping through the night (errh day) once again. This is good news for me since when I went down to Kentucky, I totally BLEW my night hours by temporarily becoming a day-walker. (Being a night dweller has it's advantanges, the disadvantages is that when your routine gets blown, it's somehow harder to get back into that same routine.)

Also, Prim and Lala.. they eat potato chips, quite wierd but I had dropped a potato chip on the floor and I forgot about it *though I'd remember to pick it up later*, I heard a crunching noise, and there were the two fatties, just scarfing up that chip as if it was a slab of ham.
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