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Okay friend's list. I need a list of things that you potentially want me to talk about because generally I do love to post but sometimes I need a little bit more to post about then "gee, have you guys seen Take That's latest music video." which is of course where you come in.

In comments give me a subject that you'd like me to talk in length about, it could be my thoughts on yaoi (ahahaha, I know funny. :deadpan: no seriously, that's on my list of topics to one day touch upon and I'm telling you that particular subject might not be pretty) or it could be my thoughts on a series, be it video game or anime, on a character, on a pairing OR you could ask me something like 'give me the merits of chocolate chip ice cream versus mint n' chip complete with a detailed point-by-point check-list" (actually, please don't.. I don't think I could hold longer then a sentance on that subject that isn't 'mint flavored things are gross'.

You can also ask me about my work, real life matters and such.

Maybe today I'll get around to my treatise on why 'koi fish are awesome'. Who can say!

But come on people, feed me things to write in my cute little green notebook that I got at work on my lunch break. Come on! (lunch at 2:30 in the morning gives you an entirely different perspective on things).
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