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~Cuz I'm not planning on going solo~

Yes I have been lax... yes I have also been unsociable.. and yes I now own LoTR.. *ahee's* But they are all for good reasons, I mean I have been having fun enjoying my time with my husband.. cherishing him.. memorizing him. I swear that digi pics are incoming soon.. but until then be patient. *hee's*

You know it has done me alot of good to get offline, there I am not concerned with alot of things. Oh yes, I know I will return to Avalon but I don't think it will ever be with the same spirit. The magic was never -in- Avalon..

It was in myself.

And as long as I have myself, I do not need Avalon.. or even LoLR..

Those that came before.. I love much.. but sometimes you just need reality

"You put the boom boom into my heart
You send my soul sky high when your loving starts.."

I love that song.. oh all the goodies I have download.. and imagine that.. my husband loves regency romances!
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