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: Bummer, not not as big of a bummer as I thought it would be :

Honestly, there's been worse things that have happened to me. Way worse (like the ex-girlfriend who faked her own death so that she could keep tabs on me from the AFTERLIFE :omg:) But okay, what happened was definitely an inconvenience. I was rolling down my window in order to say something to Sharon (a co-worker) as she was getting into her car. My window makes a funny noise and then the window just doesn't roll up, it will roll down, but that's it.. the further it goes, well then it's just all the way down.

So my driver seat window somehow got off it's track so I have to make an appointment for wednesday to get it back on track. It'd normally be tuesday but damn memorial day weekend screwing up the process by which my car gets fixed. (I absolutely hate it when I have something wrong with something that I own, then I just have to instantly fix it, no matter what it is)

I need to think about my next journal theme. I tried to take notes but I got distracted by my ipod. (It's not going to be a surprise, I'm going to make my layout be Zack Faire from Final Fantasy, and I'm thinking that I may bribe [info] - personalmiang with any icons she wants in return for perhaps her setting up a style for me somewhat similar to what she did to [info] - personaltcdohl because I really liked the general layout with the picture at the side. (Hey Sheree, if that sounds like something you'd likely be lured by, drop me a comment, okay?)

But what I won't reveal is the songs, Zack-muse wants me to keep this secret so I am.
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